Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road 4.4.0 APK + OBB

Install the APK version of the game Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road and together with young hero Xehanort explore the Scala ad Caelum land.

Introduce about Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road

Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road is a product of a collaboration between SQUARE ENIX and Disney. It takes on a new storyline, while the gameplay retains the core points of the previous Kingdom Hearts series.

If you are a fan and enjoy the journey of XEHANORT, download Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road and accompany him.


The story of Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road begins in the land of Scala ad Caelum, where the protagonist Xehanort is searching for his destiny.

Legend has it that this ambitious young man was able to use the Keyblade. But because of that favor, Xehanort faced many dangerous things. Inadvertently, he discovered a conspiracy to destroy the world of the ultimate witch.

Dark Road is the last hope to save the world. Xehanort tries to look for it. He needs the help of his friends and other teammates to prevent bad things from happening.


Companion with Xehanort in the land of Scala ad Caelum. This is the beginning, where you will be taught how to control and interact with the NPCs to go through the story.

The area is gradually expanding. You meet new characters, recruit them to the team to experience the journey with more ups and downs.

Up and down here means that you will have to face more enemies, with a full squad. Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road still has turn-based card gameplay like the other of the series. So when you enter a war, instead of using virtual buttons, you select the cards to perform the corresponding action.

This factor shows that tactics play an important part in deciding the outcome of the match. A strong enemy is not really scary if you have a plan against the attacks from him.

So on, your adventure from land to land, other factors will gradually appear. Until you realize what Dark Road means, you will have to fight many monsters and the ultimate witch.


Accompanying Xehanort are six talented characters: Urd, Master Odin, Eraqus, Hermod, Bragi and Vor. They do not appear for the first time, but when you adventure through the lands, you will meet and recruit them into the squad.

Each of them has an origin. And attached to that origin is a story, telling about the background and the abilities they acquired after the events.

Master Odin is a teacher who teaches newcomers how to use the Keyblade. He has extensive experience in controlling and utilizing the power of magic weapons. Meanwhile, Eraqus is a person with deep awareness and possesses the ability to move very fast.

Fighting together, you will soon realize their capabilities. Rely on that to harness the power and take advantage of each person’s advantage in battles!

Upgrade your heroes

Of course, you and your teammates need to be upgraded if you want to defeat those evil enemies. The power medal system will help you do this. It carries the properties Power, Magic and Speed. These properties will control each other in a circular pattern with rules. Power is stronger than Speed, Speed is stronger than Magic and Magic is stronger than Power.

So before you go into a fight, take a moment to check what the enemy you’re about to face. Then, equip Power Medals accordingly to take advantage.

So, where can we find Power Medals? The answer is through missions! You complete missions and receive rewards.


Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road has not changed much in the style of graphics. It is still designed on the 3D platform, but the context has been changed and added.

But compared to the previous versions, Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road seems to be more optimized, so it works very smoothly. Meanwhile, the lighting effects are improved. You will notice that every time the character uses personal skills to attack the enemy.

How to install Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road APK + OBB

  1. Download the APK and OBB files of Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road on APKMODY.
  2. Unzip the file “”.
  3. Copy the folder “com.square_enix.android_googleplay.khuxww” to the “Android/obb” folder.
  4. Install the APK file.

Download Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road APK for Android

Although not too new in the role-playing genre, Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road is still loved by millions of gamers because of its classic card gameplay and compelling storyline. Download this game, play as a hero Xehanort and explore the great story.

Before the destruction that the witches are causing, Scala ad Caelum and the world in Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road is needing your help!

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