Knights Fight: Medieval Arena MOD APK v1.0.22 (Unlimited Money)

Knights Fight: Medieval Arena MOD APK is a fighting game with the entire context and medieval characters. In my opinion, this game is very good and worth the experience.

Introduce about Knights Fight: Medieval Arena

Take part in medieval knights’ duels!

Fierce battle scene

Knights Fight: Medieval Arena is quite bloody, so you need to consider when playing if there are children at home. Everything occurs in the medieval period when warriors went wore bulky iron armor, wielding swords, shields, and displayed a series of complex combat skills. Matches take place in a variety of arena settings with a wide selection of characters and equipment.

There is no complicated story even in PvE mode. But the experience of hand-to-hand combat in Knights Fight: Medieval Arena is terrific. I’ll tell you now.


In the game, you will transform into medieval knights, step out into the vast arena in the cheers of the masses, and begin to face formidable opponents. In turn, each side will launch attacks to hit the opponent. Whoever runs out of blood first is the loser. There are two ways to die in the game. One is being slowly poked through the opponent’s rapid attacks. The second is to get an armor piercing stab through the heart and get rid of the health points within a second.

So, in the process of playing, in addition to constantly attack, don’t forget to defend. The excitement of Knights Fight: Medieval Arena is that in the same battle, players have to fight, slash, defend with shields and constantly dodge deadly swords. This process takes place at a fast pace on the background of meticulous movements of the characters, making the game even more exciting and attractive.

Controlling the warrior in Knights Fight: Medieval Arena is also quite easy; it only takes a few minutes to get used to it. Below the screen, on the left are virtual navigation keys, on the right are four buttons to perform attacks: attack with hands, slash hooks from the bottom, kick with feet, slash from above. Magical combos of the character will be performed by tapping these attack keys once.

Upgrade and unlock

Later, the more character classes are unlocked, the more abundant warriors you will have. Each knight will have their own equipment, but basically there will be three types: sword, shield and armor (including helmet, armrest, shoulder and arm). When you win duels, you will collect bonuses. This money is used to buy more powerful equipment, which enhances the character’s attack and defense ability.

Game mode and unexpected effects

If you want to follow the story and fight with the AI, you can play PvE. And if you want to fight with other players, show your bravery and seek a new feeling of competition, you can participate in PvP tournaments or fight hand-to-hand with friends.

This is what I’m talking about. Playing the combat game also has an effect that few people expect. It’s about dealing with some anger with a best friend. Whenever there is a quarrel with each other, just send a message, play Knights Fight: Medieval Arena and you will understand. After fighting several times, the anger will calm down. Then, you can sit down and talk to each other. If you have a problem with your friends, try this method. Great mood release.

Graphics and sound

This game explains why millions of people love medieval movies. A warrior character in Knights Fight: Medieval Arena is created in accordance with the strong heroic tone often seen in medieval Roman movies. He wears an iron helmet on his head, majestic iron armor, sword in his hand, flexible and rhythmic movements. The combos launch beautifully and have great destructive power.

Throughout the battles is the clattering sound of weapons attacking each other and armor. The whistling sound of the epic combo, the sound of the wind whistling in the surrounding space. Light flares up every time a slash pass. The whole scene looks like a real fierce arena.

Honestly, the graphics in Knights Fight: Medieval Arena are mid-range, not too special. But in a situation where the game is compact, the mobile platform is flexible and shows many complex combat phases, Knights Fight: Medieval Arena clearly does its job too well.

MOD APK version of Knights Fight: Medieval Arena

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Knights Fight: Medieval Arena APK & MOD for Android

In short, this is a medieval fighting game where the characters are majestic knights, the equipment is ancient and there is no element of magical mythology here. Thanks to that, fighting is extremely hands-on and eye-catching. Try to experience this interesting game, guys.

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