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Introduction to Laplace M

Kingdom of the Wind (之), is an MMORPG game that once made the gamer community in China and Taiwan market seize. Recently, the company released ZlongGames has decided to release another version exclusively for Southeast Asian markets under the name Laplace M. This game really reminds a lot of Ragnarok through extremely cute graphics.

Characters system

Joining Laplace M, you will be able to choose one of 4 character classes: Mage, Assassin, Warrior or Cleric. Each character class will have different fighting styles and skillsets. For example, Assassin will focus on melee combat, while Mage will use magic, Warrior is a class with high attack power and a variety of defences, Cleric is more likely to support and treatment.

Your character has 4 main skills to use in the control board when reaching level 22. There are also extra skills that you can collect during playing as a card after getting it when killing bosses. These can be powerful damage spells or allow players to transform and have a whole new set of skills to fight. These classes will have the Transfer function, unlocked at level 50. Transfers will help the characters unlock new skills and the power index is greatly increased.

Besides, the game also allows you to customize your characters to your liking. This is probably one of the indispensable features of RPG series. The characters in the game are more likely to be able to change their way of dressing through fashion stores. Here, players can change the most impressive costumes for their characters.



Information about Laplace M’s gameplay is not revealed too much. Basically, it’s like other MMORPGs. The task of the player is to perform the assigned tasks to train yourself, combined with other players to form a team. Activities in the game also include dungeon, PvP, boss fight, …

How to organize PvP missions is a little different. No matter how high the player’s level is, the game does not allow you to comfortably kill any other player outside the city area. This is a way for the company to develop restrictions, protect new players from “rich” players.

Laplace M will improve the interactive community in the game. Players can make friends with other people, participate in dating activities and can even build a virtual family.

Catch the pet

Even the pet system in the game is changed, called the Guardian to become attractive, you can set up with many different pet types and give them to your squad. Each Guardian will have his own characteristics. When intimacy increases (by fighting with or working with them), your guard will become stronger. The player can catch the pet along the way, turning it into his pet. Or as players can collect cards to unlock rare and powerful pets.

iPhone and some Android phones will be able to experience the exclusive AR pet catcher function and interact with the pet in the game. Turn on AR Pet Capture function and you will be able to catch pets in the real environment! If you cannot use the AR Pet Catching function, please check if your device supports this function.



With an extremely beautiful anime design style, Laplace M promises to open a fascinating and romantic world that is equally dangerous with medieval context. Laplace M mobile version will require players to use the smartphone running a minimum of dual-core, Android ver 4.4 with 2GB RAM. The iPhone version will require iOS 9 optimization with 1GB of RAM.

Android and iOS operating system users can interact with each other rather than being divided platforms. However, the regions of the world will be clearly divided so that players are easier to make friends and socialize.

Download Laplace M APK for Android

According to the information obtained, players can register to play the Beta on January 10, 2019, and the version will last for 5 days. If you’re lucky, you can win a gift after Open Beta starts. However, the sad thing is that this is just a closed Beta, available only for regions like Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. The number of people who can participate in Beta is only 5000 people. The Beta version is not yet known for the remaining countries. But you can download Laplace M APK to play the game.

It can be said that information about Laplace M in the community is very small. I also tried to recapitulate it to help readers get the best view of the game before the launch date. All the new information, link to download the game I will bring up the earliest for gamers and will have detailed reviews as soon as the game launches.

Have some of you ask me about the MOD version of this game. Since this is an Open World and Dungeon Base game, so MOD Damage / Defense is possible. So chances are I will MOD it in the future.

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