LEGO Tower 1.26.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

LEGO Tower MOD APK from developer NimbleBit is a construction simulation game inspired by the legendary Lego puzzle game. In the game, you are tasked with designing and building a series of apartments and large buildings for city residents. Hi Lego-ist, are you ready to play Lego in a land of gaming?

Introduce about LEGO Tower

Building a tower is not a joke

Building a lot is fine, but you need to have a plan

The same principle as the Lego puzzle game that kids, adults, and older people all know: if you want to do something or create something, you have to find the right pieces and put them together, according to your design outlined earlier in mind. The more unique the puzzle piece, the more difficult it is to pair, but the more valuable and unique the finished product is.

The initial planning, strategy, the design will be very important. You will start building small apartments and small buildings to live and rent in the city. You will gradually learn that your role is not just a simple construction contractor, but also a real building manager. You will do a dozen jobs from A to Z: finding the right materials to build a tower, speeding up the construction, checking the original design, tweaking to suitable with the current situation, solving problems that arise…

Once the apartments are handed over, you will enter the management process, including staff management, room quality control, maintaining uniform service for the whole building, and checking tenants’ satisfaction, ensuring security for residents in the area. You should also promote the building, create events to invite other residents to visit, build amusement parks and schools for children …

LEGO Tower for Android


This game requires careful planning

To do all that, aside from a sober head, a hot heart, and a trendy business strategy, you must have the materials. The most basic material is nothing but large and small Lego blocks with all colors and shapes. You have to gather these ingredients from various sources, such as buying cheap from friends, exchanging with other contractors, picking up things along the way, and many more. Finally, you need to find a way to transport them to where they need to go and start building.

The rare blocks of bricks used to create a building’s uniqueness or build a special sub-project on the building’s premises (such as art classes, clinics, or kindergartens …) force you to find in a broader scale, sometimes deep under the Lego bricks. And I also said, there is no shortcut, you must find each bricks.

And, of course, that doesn’t always work out. So how you process the pieces and how you customize them so that the result doesn’t deviate from the original plan will depend on your skillful improvisation. Whichever way you choose, remember in the end, the single most important goal in the game is to make the tower an ideal place to live in the LEGO community.

Build the tower in the perfect way possible

Just as I said at first, don’t be distracted by the cute little Lego shape because you will have to do it with a hundred hands.

The developers always want the game they create to have a memorable depth, especially with these “thousand-year-old” games like Lego. So, they create a series of situations that require your ingenious handling. Assigning the right jobs to the staff, resolving conflicts within the residential area, fixing houses to help your friends, maintaining the number of goods in the building’s stores … Just one of those things not good, you will quickly realize that the Domino effect will gradually make your works of artful buildings boycotted and deserted by the people. With a Lego game, it is a failure.

MOD APK version of LEGO Tower

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

You can buy anything, even if you have 0 money.

Download LEGO Tower MOD APK for Android

Build as much as possible, but with LEGO Tower, you need to focus on management and construction before thinking about expanding the tower. Now you can download LEGO Tower MOD APK, then start building your tower!

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