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Lifeline APK is a role-playing game, interactive storyline with basic but beautiful graphics. It only has simple plot but many nooks and crannies to explore with high testing judgment. Are you ready to enter this intellectual game?

Introduce about Lifeline

An Adventure of Wisdom and Judgment

Mobile interactive game in a strange level

An interactive story game is typically easy to play with small capacity but also boring because of the little or unreasonable interactions. These hesitations, I’m sure, will all disappear once you start playing Lifeline. Here, what you see is not necessarily true. There are many things hidden behind the descriptions and words of the characters. Importantly, the circumstances that give players choices constantly appear, with increased frequency and “difficulty thinking level”. This will force you to use your brain to the fullest to judge, reason, and decide.

This is an interactive game so your decisions will lead to a certain outcome. But the drama lies in the fact that it is not your own survival, but that of someone who is trying to connect with you, listen to all your instructions and follow, hoping to find a way out during the loneliest misery.

The game did a great job in the prelude, before the big decisions were made. Thanks to that, you can truly empathize with the loneliness, fear, and extreme sense of disorientation of the other person on the phone.

Till now, it must be a bit more detail about the plot of Lifeline.

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Lifeline is based on the sci-fi novel by writer Dave Justus. The story revolves around Taylor, one of the astronauts who is stranded on a strange planet after the crash landing of a spaceship from Earth. I don’t know how many people are still alive, how many are missing, but only Taylor, with her last efforts, has “connected” to you, a character on the other intercom. Your only mission in Lifeline is to guide and help Taylor step by step out of this trapped situation and find a way back to Earth.

Take responsibility for each of your choices

The whole game is a text message dialogue between Taylor and you. To save Taylor, you will have to closely follow the details of the situation that Taylor describes through the news. From there, judge, and give the necessary instructions to help. You will need to read, answer yes or no, or decide on a guide to answer Taylor. Based on your answer, the next developments will also change, and the ending of the story will also be different accordingly.

I mentioned earlier about Lifeline’s well-done opening. It is also thanks to this factor that you will understand your importance in this dangerous situation. Be aware that every decision, every instruction you give has a direct impact on the survival of the other person on the phone. The game has made players seriously consider this intimate relationship and not joke around anymore. Truly immerse yourself in the story and follow every detail to save one or more lives on a distant planet.

Learning languages and training your brain at the same time

The game is currently available in many languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Those of you who are trying to learn one of these foreign languages have one more reason to play Lifeline. The practice of innovative words and the grammar of the short sentences here must be said to be extremely ingrained in the brain. Study while looking up the dictionary to get more vocabulary. After playing the game, I also discovered that my foreign language improved significantly. It has also trained the ability to think and analyze situations. There are too many benefits in a good game.

The implicit rule for every decision

The game is said to be too simple to play. The operation is no different from other simulation novel games on mobile. But the point that makes Lifeline’s “golden quality” is a series of extremely tense episodes spanning the dialogue between Taylor and the character you are incarnating.

There is an implicit rule for choice decision making when playing this game. You can apply it or not, but in 90% of cases I find it extremely effective. Before making a final decision on a question, please scroll up and re-read a few sentences of Taylor’s previous dialogue. The clues for what to do are often there.

For example, when Taylor spots another crew member being stabbed by a sharp object, you’ll be given a choice between “Pull it out” or “Leave it in”. You’ll need to carefully recall Taylor’s description of the object, the location of the stab, and the victim’s health before making a decision. Pulling it out can lead to blood spurts and a loss of life. Leaving it in can also lead to an infection that cannot be reversed.

The choices themselves need to fit the situation, the logic of the story, and the information Taylor tells. There’s no such thing as doing whatever you want to do, choose whatever you like, like many romantic dating novels you’ve ever played. This is the network of people. Just a wrong decision will lead to the fact that a whole group of people who are stuck on that planet can pass away at any time. Remember, your ultimate goal is that Taylor must survive to the end and be rescued back to Earth.

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Lifeline is a story full of humanity. Whoever said it was like an adventure, I think it’s more like a mirror of humanity. Playing the game, you will feel more deeply than ever the fragile existence of humans in the vast universe and the power of hope. Only hope and life are left.

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