LifeSim 2 1.9.4 APK MOD (Unlimited Money) Donwload

LifeSim 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a simulation game that will help you pursue your dream of becoming a celebrity. This is a game for you, and you will have to overcome many difficulties and challenges. The most important factor is not giving up. Will you be able to achieve your dream?

Introduce about LifeSim 2


When you join LifeSim 2, you will be able to create your own character and achieve your dream of becoming a real famous superstar. Unlike LifeSim part one, developer Hypergames allows you to choose your career. You can pursue your dream of becoming a famous politician, a Hollywood actor or founded a company.

But LifeSim 2 is not like that, you have only one dream, that is to become a famous superstar on TV, to be the highest-ranking actor on the planet and achieve the album sales certificate (Platinum Album).

And you will become a famous brand face, a United Nations ambassador with a loyal fan base. Then you will go to work by private plane, live in a magnificent mansion, own an island with a luxury resort villa, stand on the top of fame… All that is real whether or not it is up to you.

Create your character

At the start of the game, LifeSim 2’s system will give you a few suggestions about the character’s appearance and gender for you to choose from. Choose carefully because you have to play with that character for the entire time, there is no right to change. The game gives you 6 options, including 3 male characters and 3 female characters. Next, you will create the name of your character, think a good name because that name will be mentioned all over the world.

LifeSim 2 Home


Develop your career

First, you need the capital to do many things that bring you closer to your dreams. The game gives you some money. Daily attendance also helps you to receive a certain amount of money, you have to think about ways to make more profits because more and more money you need to spend. You can work part-time jobs such as cleaning staff, waiter, dishwasher… to earn more income for yourself.

Along with taking part-time jobs, you should focus on your own health and education. The shortest path to success is the learning path, you can take acting courses, public speaking courses, e-commerce courses… There are many things to learn. To be a superstar, you have to remember that.

Health and happiness

Besides stressful jobs, you also need to pay attention to health and emotional indexes. Having health means everything, having fun will you have the motivation to continue pursuing your dream. If your health index falls below 50%, it is a sign that you are tired. Let your character rest, exercise, and get more vitamins. And the same with the emotional index, you can also do some activities to make yourself happier and happier, such as raising fish, raising dogs, dating with your girlfriend (or boyfriend).

Take care your family

Career is just what makes your life better, it is only part of making your life more stable. You can also build your own home by dating famous people. Together dating, getting married, building a dream house, having children… Family is a very important part of every person. Therefore, do not be too focused on pursuing a career but forget about it. Experience many different things will help you feel a fresher taste of life.


LifeSim 2 uses quite fancy and unique graphics. Although the graphics are not appreciated, you also should not ignore this game. Anyway, try to experience it once, you won’t feel any regret.

Download LifeSim 2 MOD APK for Android

LifeSim 2, though not appreciated and still has many grains, makes the game not really appealing to large numbers of players, but I think you should also download and try it once. Join and write your own story, conquer the dream that you are cherishing. You can become anyone in LifeSim 2, and don’t forget to try to build a happy home.

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