Lovesim: You Are a Producer MOD APK v1.9.10 (Unlimited Cash)

Lovesim MOD APK is a game that simulates the life and all the stories that a famous Hollywood producer encounters: flirting, inviting situations in return for compromise and sponsorship. You will see and experience those situations. Choosing what to do next is up to you.

Introduce about Lovesim

A story about the glamour that everyone has to be wary of.

When you are a celebrity in Hollywood

Lovesim is a game about glamour and luxury, fame and fortune that any girl wants to immerse in. But those are things everyone must take precautions for because behind them, there are many pitfalls and mistakes. In the game, you will be a successful producer who is famous throughout the vast Hollywood. Your main job is to sell programs, monitor public feedback, earn on relationships with clients and make the most of all the glamour to build an image/ reputation for your clients.

The girls have come to you and asked you to make them become world-class stars. There are always conditions, situations, and countless ironies to happen, causing you sometimes really a headache.

In the game, you will have to solve a lot of real problems that a veteran producer can face at any time: rumors in the newspaper, leaked photos on social networks, not finding investors, being seduced by the sexy looks of the ladies who defy to be famous…

When you officially choose and work with your clients, you’ll provide them with a wide range of new chic outfits in a variety of themes and styles to find what really suits them. You will take them to live in one of the mansions in Hollywood or anywhere you like.

Lovesim for Android


Special clients who share the same desire to be famous

Each girl has her own dream, ambition, personality, and way to fame. For example, Valencia is a trick girl defying to achieve the goal and not hesitate to sacrifice everything to get what she wants. And it’s only a small part of the stories our producer has to go through.

Besides Valencia is Yui, an 18-year-old girl who wants to become a famous singer. She is really talented, determined, and much more mature than her age in thoughts and ideals. You will be willing to help, build relationships to give her what she wants. However, in return, Yui will have to sign a contract for your company to be the sole and official manager for her in at least 5-10 years.

And so many more other girls who have dreams of becoming super stars…

Are you familiar with stories like these? Somewhere in movies, novels, articles, we all hear and see the same thing. When they are put into the game, every detail becomes more vivid, attractive, and real than ever. You will discuss with your client through text messages, face-to-face meetings, or sometimes just a phone call. Then you also actively lead the situation to make decisions that are best for you and your business and program production. Every detail and logic can make you feel like you are a real reputable producer.

In your world, there is only money and the power of money. The rest, whether good or bad, active or passive, good reputation or bad reputation… are all tools to the ultimate goal of money and fame. If you are an insider, you will forever be immersed in endless passions, and never realize that bitter reality.

Graphics and sound

While the sound is just average with nothing too special, the visuals are the quintessence of Lovesim. The main character, a famous producer with so much experience, talent, and fame, is completely anonymous while the clients and the series of heavenly events that you have to face are completely real and alive in the game.

The sexy element is everywhere, from the image of each girl to the way they talk, flirt, ask questions and invite you to sponsor… Everything is deadly sensuality. Play the game when you are really awake or else you will get caught up in the “whirlpool” of these unpredictable relationships.

MOD APK version of Lovesim

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Lovesim MOD APK for Android

It is known that Lovesim is inspired by the real-life and ups and downs of famous real-life producers in the entertainment industry. With all the subtlety collections from real life, the smooth and natural story, the sexy female characters in one game, all men should play Lovesim once in life!

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