Mafia Inc. v0.31 APK + MOD (MENU/Money, God Mode)

Mafia Inc is a super funny simulation game from OneSoft. You will be brought into the world of crime, dirty money, gangs, which are only known through movies and games but never really experienced deeply.

Introduce about Mafia Inc

Join the world of crime, dirty money, gangster and insidious Capo

Do you want to become a Mafia?

There is always another world. You may not see it, but it is always there, parallel to the peaceful world we live in. People still call it the “underworld”. Playing Mafia Inc, you will officially step into that mysterious world. You will become a “future godfather” and build and run your own Mafia Empire.

The first lesson I learned myself after playing this Mafia Inc game is: like any other profession, not everyone wants to do the Mafia. “Talent” only accounts for 1% of success, the remaining 99% is thanks to experience, determination, and a little luck. It can be seen that in this game, every step of the “career development” of this Mafia guy goes up little by little, with a clear process and strategy. Mafia wants to be respected is to have poise, dignity, and have “decent” working criteria. Heartless when needed, breaking the law when needed, but always having the bravery and principles.

Interesting background

The game is set in the future world in 2077. At this time, gangsters are constantly rising, they come in droves from different countries, gather, form gangs and turn all residents of the cities to become the henchman of criminals. The world you live in in the game is almost “rebellious” out of the law and controlled by a series of dangerous gangs.

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The “career” development path of a “genuinely talented” Mafia

In this game, you will play a young mafia man. First, you will have to learn all the information about the gangs, practice your abilities. When you feel strong enough, the opportunity also comes, then build your gang by collecting talented characters in many fields, especially being loyal and respectful. With the comrades, you will step by step make a gang by a series of illustrious feats.

At first, you just do a few leisurely jobs to make a profit, such as flaunting prestige, collecting protection fees, bribing the police, doing bad jobs for companies, individuals and organizations to hire. After the “service” expands, it means that your power is getting higher and higher. You and your gang have dared to do shocking things such as purging other gangs in secret or broad daylight, organizing large-scale bank robberies, selling weapons, banned luxury goods such as diamonds, antique paintings, precious stones…

At this point, it can be considered that you have achieved certain achievements, your prestige has risen, and people in the world are mentioned with apprehension and admiration. You are not from any tricks or dirty work to achieve the goal you want.

Dream bigger

Money is abundant, but you always need more than that: status, a life of disobedience, doing whatever you want freely, fame, money, brotherhood, and the highest power in the world of gypsies. Those are the things you are spending your whole life reaching for.

To do this, you will continuously expand the area in many ways. For example, occupying important roads, dominating other mafia gangs, destroying all who stand in the way, eliminating opponents, recruiting a series of loyal and talented henchmen. The level of “playing dirty” is increasing, the experience points in the game increase rapidly, it is also the time when you get closer to your “dream”.

Exploring new directions

Again, to strengthen everything and constantly expand the size and influence of your gang, you will redirect expansion through “doing the business”. You start buying companies big and small, running illegal businesses that are covered up by small businesses on paper. These series of companies are set up to make more money, launder money, trade illegal items on a large scale (bigger than you’ve ever done before).

You have started to make huge money, running a series of prestigious casinos, lottery centers, black markets, underground auctions, and a whole system of brothels across the country. You even hire a team of lawyers, accountants, auditors, to deal with the state’s legal system, ensuring the whole gang is unharmed even though they are still doing bad things every day.

Money is now a tool to serve your ambitions. With a bunch of money and the level of investment to play hard in all areas of illegal business and the power of your gang, you quickly establish a “mafia brand” of your own. Gradually, you will become a name that was feared by many people, even in the law enforcement world.

Constantly maintaining your form, going further on the path of crime, you will officially become a Godfather in the underworld, a boss everyone has to tremble and when hearing your name.

MOD APK version of Mafia Inc

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Diamonds

Download Mafia Inc APK & MOD for Android now!

Mafia Inc is an interesting game, although it is just an idle simulation. The tempo is very fast, the plot is exciting, the progress is quite unpredictable. Let’s download and try this game right away.

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