Marooned v2.2 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money)

Marooned MOD APK will bring you to a strange land where you have nothing in your hand, not even a piece of clothing. The survival journey begins here. It will never be as simple as you think.

Introduce about Marooned

We are born to suffer…


There is no clear story and reason why the main character is in this state of misery. You only know you are Ed, lost in a deserted place with no clothes, no tools, no food, and no water. You deeply understand Now is not the time to ask why. The most important thing you must care about is how to survive in this place. Will you be able to get over it?

To be alive is to have everything

This simple survival game ignores all emotional and mysterious elements. You cannot be threatened by a ghost force or aliens, nor can you be discouraged due to being tormented by loneliness. You have only one goal: to survive by all means.

The only way to maintain your life is to find the materials available to make the necessary items. You will start the game by making clothes from the surrounding leaves, then making hunting tools including stones, bamboo forks, bows and arrows, slingshots… More skillfully, you can make traps, from simple to complex ones, to hunt nearby animals or fish in the river.

The food is solved. Do not forget the drink. You should use large and small containers found on the road to collect rainwater for storage. Also, do not forget to pick up dry wood to build a fire to keep warm and safe at night.

And you will need a shelter which is a sturdy tent, where you are safe and away from the risk of unpredictable weather.

The only thing that can threaten your life forcefully is wild animals. They can be wolves, hyenas, and crocodiles. Before encountering them, you should equip yourself with full weapons, and good health by eating and sleeping well. Only by such good preparation, you can fight back. Otherwise, Ed can be defeated by just one bite.

But not just getting lost in one place, Ed is constantly thrown into increasingly desolate places

Each level in Marooned throws poor Ed into a different harsh environment. Sometimes it’s the jungle of Africa, sometimes it’s a desert island in the Philippines or a dry field of burnt grass. Wherever it is, its area is extremely large. You can do whatever you like, explore and roam wherever you choose. But remember that just traveling will consume a lot of energy and you will have to eat more to regain your health.

There are also two secret missions in each scene. In the early scenes, it can be right in front of you. But in later scenes, you will have to find it yourself, and then complete it. Finally, you will receive very special and generous gifts. These bonuses will help you quite a lot.

Ingenuity and sophistication will help you prolong Ed’s survival

Is this game easy or difficult? Not both. Let me tell you why.

It is not difficult because everything in the game is quite clear. By keeping track of the amount of furniture you have and observing the health indicators, you will know immediately what to do next as there is nothing hidden. It is not easy because you must calculate somehow before doing anything. For example, you know hunting is the core of the food source. But with each different animal, you have to choose the right weapon. For rabbits, you can only use bows and arrows to catch up, while for chickens, you can use stones, and for fish, you need a fork to stab.

Later on, as I said earlier, you will meet all kinds of beasts that can attack and eat you at any time. You will have two options. The first is to use your existing weapons to attack them first, turning them into food for you. The second is to run away quickly before it’s too late. What will you choose?

Graphics and sound

Marooned’s 3D graphics are very simple, minimalist on a nostalgic color background. You can find it a bit boring, a bit gloomy, but it is exactly the mood of the poor guy Ed in the game. But thanks to that, you will become extremely focused on the playing process to get yourself a lot of excitement. It does not start in a rush but comes slowly, ingraining in your mind bit by bit. Then, in the end, you will breathe a sigh of relief as if you have just achieved a miracle when helping Ed survive through each scene. Of course, harder and harder levels will welcome you ahead, but never mind!

However, the visuals in the game are very detailed. You can clearly see each item scattered everywhere. The only character, Ed, moves as smoothly, comfortably as in an open space. His interaction with objects and animals is also precise and vivid.

MOD APK version of Marooned

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Marooned MOD APK for Android

The 3D survival game has a simple structure. Its task sounds simple, but it is not easy to do. Good luck to you, and I wish you always find the best way to live for poor Ed. Now, what are you waiting for? Download the game and play it now!

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