Mars: Mars 41 APK MOD (Unlimited Money)

The name of Mars: Mars MOD APK is very attractive, but there are absolutely no killing or adventures. Let’s explore this amazing game about Mars!

Introduce about Mars: Mars

Explore Mars on a jetpack

Simple but still very exciting and attracting players

Human curiosity sometimes comes from very strange paradoxes, like my first feeling when playing Mars: Mars. Hearing the name is immediately associated with intense bombardment battles between humans and aliens, or at least some kind of disaster, trying to survive on a distant planet. But no, Mars: Mars isn’t any of the things I just mentioned. Contrary to what you think in your head, it is a simple relaxing game, saying no to slash, adventure, role-playing, brain hacking, climb rank. And there’s no eccentric music or graphics either.

It is simply a continuous screen of your spaceship roaming the distant planet. Your mission is just to go as long, as safely as possible. That is, in the game, you only have to touch and touch, and continuously combine flying, touching the ground to get energy skillfully, then flying again, moving forward non-stop to explore the amazing space of a strange planet called Mars.

Wherever you fly, the planet will expand there, bringing scenes that are vibrant, minimalist, and also full of charm.

That’s all, but so many players love it. The simplicity and difficulty in a subtle, self-contained way sometimes bring unpredictable attraction.

The main action in the game

Like I said, in this game, you just need to touch and touch. But you will touch in different ways. Detail:

  • Touch and hold the left side to activate the propulsion system on the left side of the spaceship.
  • Touch and hold on the right to activate the right push system. Whichever side you push, the spaceship tilts to the opposite side.
  • Touch both sides at the same time to slow down the spaceship’s fall.
  • Fuel is limited every 30 seconds, and you will be refueled when you touch the launchers below.
  • If you land on the launch pad too quickly or suddenly, the spaceship will explode.
  • Responding too slowly may deviate the position of the launcher.

So the biggest challenge here is the balance between weight, speed, and smart navigation. This way you will help the spacecraft hit the launch pad in the most ideal way. Once you have fuel, you will continue to fly to explore everything around you.

There is no combat and no competition, so what is it about this game that makes the players feel interesting?

Mars: Mars is purely a relaxing game, without too much brainstorming. All you need is just patience, ingenuity, and a bit of luck. The key factor for players to always feel fresh and excited with this spaceship’s continuous flight-and-landing, flight-and-response screens, is the landscapes of the game’s myriad worlds. The world will be transformed according to the character you are playing.

This is a unique feature, which in my opinion is very new and special ever. Maybe RPG games should also learn from this concept because it’s so addicting. This change will make you always feel curious, attractive, and from there want to play the game over and over again.

A few other small details also bring cute interest like there are many skins for astronauts. Skins are unlocked with achievement points. You can also collect many special and attractive items during the flight to explore the strange planet.

Graphics and sound

Mars: Mars, oddly, is getting a lot of “personality graphics” reviews even though it revolves around the mix of colors and shapes. Perhaps you are too tired of the fanciful 3D space games, so now facing these textures, players can feel relaxed and comfortable?

I like the image of Mars: Mars because of its simplicity. When playing this game, it likes you are looking at a minimalist gaming corner, all fatigue and stress will disappear. On that subtle color background, the sound and physics in the game are also very amazing.

You will find the flying, bouncing, collision, and explosive activities of the spaceship unique, simulating these mechanisms quite well in real life. The sound is the same gentle minimalist style as the image, so the overall becomes coherent and sophisticated.

MOD APK version of Mars: Mars

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Mars: Mars MOD APK for Android

In short, if you like fighting and slashing games, you can quickly skim through this article. But if you like to have a light relaxation after work and you are fascinated with the future, the universe, then download Mars: Mars immediately to play. This game is for you guys!

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