Miga Town: My Hospital 1.7 (Unlocked)

Miga Town: My Hospital MOD APK is one game of the famous Miga Town series in the world of learning and playing games for kids. This time, the story revolves around a famous hospital where everyone is always racing against time and doing their best for the health of the city residents.

Introduce about Miga Town: My Hospital

The story at the hospital and many lessons to learn

A very different Miga Town

Compared to other Miga Town games, Miga Town: My Hospital seems to be more popular with kids than babies. The plot is interesting, quite deep, and has many interesting details. It opens up a new world different from the world of usual things like eating, taking care of animals, going shopping, dancing, partying and so on like in the other games. And in this version, you will be exposed to characters who really have roles and expertise. This topic is very suitable for children 6-7 years old and older, who need to develop a lot in EQ and IQ.

The story of the healers

Miga Town: My Hospital is a game about a large hospital in the city where everyone is busy with their professional work. The biggest goal of the whole hospital is to keep the city’s residents healthy.

Playing the game, children will be transformed into many characters in the hospital such as Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Professors, Midwives, Receptionists, Hygienists… Everyone has their own role, working process, way of communication with patients, and way of conducting their own work. For example, the receptionists are responsible for receiving patients, giving them clear instructions to the examination areas depending on the condition of the patients. The aides cover all the unnamed matters in the entire process of treatment/taking care of the patient. Nurses support Doctors, receive patients, monitor treatment progress, and closely follow patients for timely responses. The doctors directly examine, give treatment direction/prescribe. The professors offer treatment options for difficult cases, train students to practice, and allocate time and schedules of doctors…

Roughly the game covers all the activities and people in a large hospital, from caring, treating patients to dispensing medicines, cleaning the hospital…

Your mission in the hospital

The game’s main goal is to solve all the situations or different critical conditions occurring in the hospital. Thereby the player will have to have reasonable behaviors and decisions and do everything to solve them satisfactorily without leaving bad consequences. That is something that not all children, even adults, can do.

I do not often talk too much about the missions in the Miga Town series because the nature of the things is quite similar. They mostly aim at entertainment and learning, which are things children are (must be) too familiar with. But Miga Town: My Hospital is something very different.

Let’s talk about the first mission. To start working in the hospital, you must pass a test of patient care skills. This seems to be basic for adults but a difficult task for children. If your child is not used to it, then you can help him/her a little. Then let the child swim to the next task such as medical examination, treatment, diagnosis, prescription…

The game also has a leveling system. It is a bit like a standard role-playing game, right? As you progress to higher levels in the game, you will unlock many new missions. And you will have more vehicles and items to perform the specialized work of each character. When you complete several jobs with good results, you will be awarded hospital titles and prepare to receive higher levels in the game.

After completing the series of tasks for the day, you also have the opportunity to do other recreational activities (returning to the inherent vibrant spirit of the Miga Town series). Find treasures, participate in outdoor competitions with colleagues… These are mainly for entertainment purposes. So that players do not feel too serious after a series of professional work in the institute.

Miga Town: My Hospital is also one of the rare parts in Miga Town that has created difficult situations for players. Many of them are related to Developing Problem Solving Skills, Problem Identification, and Emotion Recognition skills. For example, when a patient, for some reason, messes up while being treated in the hospital, as the main responsible doctor, how will you react and handle it without any harm? Try to let the child feel and find out for himself, sometimes as an adult, you will be surprised with his solution. The more difficult each situation, the higher the reward points. The more points you have, the faster you will be upgraded.

Emotions also need to be learned

Considering the complexity of the work, the expertise, and the amount of work, Miga Town: My Hospital is a game that adults will also enjoy because of its realism. And children players learn a lot of interesting things and also the names of higher-level emotions.

Whether you are adults or children, many emotions in the game will come to you: exhilaration and joy mixed with anxiety and contemplation. We go through joys and sorrows, a happy day, an unpleasant day with countless situations happening in the hospital. Playing it is also a great way for children to first know the concept of “Pressure” and “Responsibility”.

Detailed and specific instructions

Like other Miga Town games, there are many characters in Miga Town: My Hospital. You can touch and control any of them and send them to do anything, anywhere in the hospital. Playing as one of them along with a few small instructions that the game initially gives for each role, players will really understand the duties and functions of each member of the hospital.

The tutorial system is also a different point of Miga Town: My Hospital compared to other games of the same series. This game currently has 6 areas in the hospital: entrance, general room, laundry room, baby care room, laboratory, and treatment, outdoor. In the beginning, the game has dedicatedly given a lot of information for players to explore, such as the hospital layout, the doors, the specialty area. It will take some time to get used to the hospital layout, but once you get used to it, things get a lot easier to play. For children, finding and remembering the way are also some skills to learn.

MOD APK version of Miga Town: My Hospital

MOD feature


Download Miga Town: My Hospital APK & MOD for Android

Well, this is the most profound game I have ever played in the world of Miga Town. Let your children play this game or you can accompany them on the first tasks. Let them learn lessons on Responsibility, Pressure, EQ, and how to handle situations, and much more. Play it by both your hearts and minds.

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