Mini DayZ 2 v1.3.2 APK + MOD (High Damage)

Mini DayZ 2 MOD APK is a mobile version of the famous DayZ game. In the game, you once again have to survive among hungry zombies.

Introduce about Mini DayZ 2

Is Zombie as rotten as rare humanity in the line of life and death?

Remember when DayZ appeared on PC, the gaming world spread a mountain of praise for the gameplay and the rare deep humanity of the game. The setting is still a zombie pandemic, but instead of focusing on tireless battles with the undead, DayZ focuses on interactions and dialogue between survivors. Thereby you will clearly see the “metamorphosis” of humanity, and the corrupt actions people have for each other when they have to stand between life and death.

Have you played Mini DayZ yet?

But that’s the story of the original DayZ. What about Mini DayZ 2?

The unique sequel, Mini DayZ 2, is as attractive as the original

From the same manufacturer as DayZ, Mini DayZ 2 is considered a simple and concise copy on the mobile platform of this classic game. To transform from the complexity of PCs and heavy game consoles to minimalistic touch and drag operations, and also to better fit the modest screen of mobile, the manufacturers have adjusted and changed quite a lot.

The first difference is that instead of the complex 3D graphics of the original, Mini DayZ 2 uses minimalist retro pixel graphics. But it still makes you have to dance on the floor because of the thrilling details in the game. This is also a way to make the game lighter, both in terms of capacity and context, while also portraying the gloomy landscape.

The second difference is the simple storyline, less interactive than the original game. The game opens with the death scene of the world after the zombie epidemic. You are one of the lucky few alive and are looking for ways to survive: finding food, collecting basic materials, fighting the undead to open the way to escape… Although minimizing the dialogue and living interactions between the “human” characters, the point that makes a lasting difference in the original game remains unchanged.

Mini DayZ 2 for Android


True to the core “rotten human” spirit in the original game, when playing Mini DayZ 2, danger comes from hunger, or zombies only 50%. The other half is a lot of unpredictable, more unpredictable threats from no-human-nature survivors who are walking around somewhere. Of course, these villains are all AI. And importantly, they can be enemies or friends, you need to open your eyes wide, look closely to distinguish. There is also the situation where they pretend to be friendly, to exploit something from you and then turn 180 degrees and kill you with a knife. Careful, very careful!

Not only fighting, but you also have to find a way to survive for a long time

Not stopping at the unending battles with zombies everywhere, or with groups of cruel survivors, you also have the task of creating your own life path in a more proactive and longer way.

Mini DayZ 2 expands the player’s survival by giving you the ability to build and fortify your shelter. You need to have a lot of resources, food, and health on hand for this job. You should find the simplest way to build, then strengthen it slowly, and then build a defense system for the shelter. Plant trees, set up traps, build a food and water supply system… You will slowly transform your makeshift shelter into a solid bunker with the potential for sustainable growth.

Of course, you can also let a few other people in the same situation hide, but as mentioned above, whether they are enemies or friends is not clear, so you need to be very careful. One wrong choice can make your entire bunker go up in smoke.

Upgrading and randomness in the game

Mini DayZ 2 is essentially a survival strategy game, so to do bigger and bigger things, you need to always start with small things like collecting items on the road, collecting bullets from guns left around, gathering and storing food, gathering tools to build bunkers… The longer you live, the more you fight, the more skills, materials, tools you will gain, and you may unlock new powers, weapons, and characters. The possibility of survival and long-term survival will then open up more.

Another good point kept in this mobile version is the randomness of the system. Of all the activities you must do to survive in this harsh, deadly world, the scenes and situations are random, so the search for food, materials, and weapons is a lot of fun. Each time you replay has a significant difference that makes the survival journey always exciting and new.

Graphics and sounds

The retro pixel graphics are simple, but the textures and details are unique, without the feeling of being patchy and disjointed as is often seen in these style games. This type of art completely shows its effect in making the game soft and light, not too heavy and tiring like the original. You may or may not like this, but it is undeniable that in the pixel game series, the images and details of Mini DayZ 2 are very special.

The sound is extremely attractive. In return for the non-hardcore visuals like the original, the sound helps convey the whole mood of suspense, tension, and the surrounding gloomy atmosphere. Every time an enemy approaches (especially other survivors), the background music suddenly changes, sometimes giving you goosebumps and hence on high alert. There will be the sound of gunfire, the sound of chisels when building shelter, and the sound of people’s footsteps rattling around to fight each other to survive… It can be said that sound is the secret weapon that the manufacturer has quietly made for its own mobile version.

And it is indeed surprisingly effective.

MOD APK version of Mini DayZ 2

MOD features

  • High Damage
  • No Hunger

Download Mini DayZ 2 APK & MOD for Android

It is a perfect pixel zombie game, the plot is not too complicated, but there are many scary details related to humanity and survival instinct. It’s a waste not to play a game like this!

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