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The most important factor in a shooting game is the feeling of holding the gun. And to bring this pleasure, a series of first-person shooter games were born. Modern Sniper is one of them. I think if you are looking for a sniper phase from a distance where you can aim your target and hold a gun like a pro warrior, this game is a must experience.

Introduce about Modern Sniper

#1 first person shooter game that will blown you away!

Sniper action simulation with excellent sound

Modern Sniper (from Candy Mobile) is a first-person shooter action game. According to the publisher, “aim and shoot!”. Every gun model in the game is designed in detail. From the outside appearance, the ammunition slot, the safety pin, the aiming aperture, hand movement phases when switching between firing modes or between different guns are all visible on the screen. On your hand is the real weight of the gun. The feeling of aiming at the enemy is very clear. When you pull the trigger and shoot, it’s so real that it gives you goosebumps.

The sound in Modern Sniper is also an addictive element for many players. The sharp and clear sound of the bullet fired makes the already fast game’s rhythm even more urgent and stimulating. In addition to the bullets sound, the action-style soundtrack and lots of sounds from explosions, splashing objects as well as sensational music will make you unable to leave the phone, even for a second.

The underworld and great snipers

This time we will be sniper No.1. Get caught up in the underworld, where strength is power and there are no black and white boundaries. You will perform a variety of assigned tasks, from rescuing people, killing assassins who are mixing in the crowd to dangerous attacks on enemy lines. With your natural talent, you will contribute to the implementation of justice in this chaotic world.

After just a few minutes of playing the game, I found it quite interesting and climactic. Now you can be a real sniper, someone who uses a sniper rifle from a hidden position to fire at a target (usually from a distance beyond the normal infantry combat range). A dedicated sniper is always well-trained in a series of special combat skills such as stealth skills, camouflage skills, silent yet fast movement, escaping, and accurate aiming skills. That’s enough for you to imagine all of what you must face in the game and the set of skills that our characters can possess through leveling up.


Our Sniper has the privilege of being free to access a premium arsenal. This includes a variety of specialized sniper rifles and infantry assault rifles. Depending on the situation, terrain, and object, you just choose a type and arbitrarily replace it during the game to perform your task quickly and accurately. Although it is said to be free, if you want to get some unique items with the ability to shoot super quick, you have to spend a lot of money to buy them. Money is, of course, earned from mission completions and top-notch headshots.

At the same time, money can also be used to upgrade the strength, firing rate, and damage ability of each shot, and to buy ammunition.

Sniper manipulation is not too complicated. A little time to get used to it is fine. “Fire” and “Reload” are at the bottom. The navigation button is on the middle edge. You will need to identify the enemy, aim from a distance, reload (this step also takes a little time, so you have to think carefully), choose “Shoot” or “Headshot”, pull the trigger, and fire!

The enemy, of course, refuses to stand still. Knowing that they are ambushed, they will always move back and forth or look for a place to hide. Some enemies will quickly detect your location and shoot back fiercely. You can also die any time if you don’t take the opportunity and defeat the enemy on time.

Attractiveness, diversity, and epic upgrade system

Modern Sniper currently has more than 50 crime-killing missions with many different forms, which is very attractive. It has a total of 6 maps with completely different scenery: on the construction site, in the port, in the crowd. Each place has its terrain, hiding places, and difficulty to allow enemies to hide at more and more sophisticated places. It is to exploit your full range of sniper skills. Regarding the arsenal, the sniper has a total of 7 different weapons, all of which are the most modern guns of the world-famous sniper force. Each gun type will also be upgraded and improved by bonuses.

MOD APK version of Modern Sniper

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

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I’m so used to fighting scenes of running and firing bullets, so playing this game is quite difficult. It is truly full of challenges. Massive missions appear after each other, and enemies slyly hide, and crowds are always moving around, making the target sometimes unclear. In conclusion, it is necessary to have a spirit of steel, an immovable mind, and accurate aiming skills. Only with those requirements will you be able to play this game.

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