Moe Girl Cafe 2 Mod Apk 1.33.84 (Unlimited Money)

Moe Girl Cafe 2 is a 2D game that simulates the operation of a restaurant in a realistic way. Here, you can learn how to do business and what to do when you own a restaurant.

Introduce about Moe Girl Cafe 2

Released by Cat Studio, the game integrates many popular anime characters with Japanese chibi style. In the game, you will play as a manager of the restaurant named Moe Girl Cafe.

Hire active, energetic staff

When I first joined the game, the restaurant has only two people who were a manager and an assistant. Your restaurant is located in a place where there are many people passing by, so only two people will not be able to serve everyone. Therefore, you must recruit more fast and vivacious employees to make your restaurant to serve many people at the same time and increase the sales of the restaurant.

Traditional restaurant simulation game

Just like Food Street from the publisher Supersolid or Restaurant Story of Storm8 Studio, Moe Girl Cafe 2 brought a traditional restaurant simulation. Your main task when participating in games is cooking, research, development, hiring, advertising, handling orders, … In addition, you can participate in many social activities, experience activities like real life with your friends.

Many famous comic characters in Japan

If you are a fan of manga or anime, you will not be able to ignore this fascinating game. Moe Girl Cafe 2 owns many famous characters such as Miss Tsundere, popular hot girls, Mission-E, Lolita demon eyes and many extremely beautiful goddesses for you to choose. You can also contact your favorite character directly to get more interactive items.

Not only that, but this game also possesses hundreds of costumes of comic characters and traditional Japanese costumes. For example, Yukata, Kimono, Uchikage, … So, you can freely change as you like, run the employees to your liking.

Many types of furniture, decorated with all kinds of styles

In addition, Moe Girl Cafe 2 has a variety of multi-style furniture, from classic to modern, even Japanese-style furniture. China, Europe, … With such diversity and richness, your restaurant not only is elegant and fresh but also makes it unique like in artwork.


This game has a lot of activities to give you the freedom to explore. For example, part-time jobs, wish-making, find an assistant, market transactions, events, etc. Social contacts are also brought into the game like friends and your neighbors can visit your shop, …

Not only that, but the game also has interactive functions for managers and employees. Basically, characters are divided into many categories, from common to rare. Each character possesses different random skills. And to upgrade the skills of employees you have to interact with them, training them to become a right-arm for your business.

Beautiful 2D graphics

Moe Girl Cafe 2 owns for themselves 2D graphics with impressive chibi style. The game has unique and new graphics, but the graphics are only average. The chibi-style graphics help you become more interested in your job when being the manager of a restaurant with cute and lovely staff.

Download Moe Girl Cafe 2 APK for Android

Moe Girl Cafe 2 MOD is a unique and impressive simulation game. With beautiful images, a large task system, many interesting features … help you feel new and extremely excited. Leave a comment below if you love this game. Have fun!

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