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Moncage is a special puzzle mobile game where after playing, you can feel like your mood goes crazy, and you even no longer know if you are in the present or a dream.

Introduce about Moncage

Memories in a small box!

Someone has said of Moncage as “a game that can make you lose yourself”. I came across this review when I was looking for a puzzle game worth playing. And that succinct line really captured my imagination. So, I went to the game’s homepage to see what was there and was once again intrigued by its super strange graphics. There is something nostalgic, a little painful, and profound that is difficult to explain. Then I downloaded and played it right away without thinking more.


Moncage is a perspective-shifting puzzle game that is so artistic. In Moncage, a puzzle would be solved by manipulating a cube consisting of one top and four side faces. Your task is to rotate the cube by touching the screen to zoom in, zoom out and move it in different directions. Each square in the cube will allow the player to look at different scenes appearing in different colors. From these pieces, the story of the present and the dream gradually opens. Crumbling high-rise buildings, happy family memories… everything is being ravaged by war…

You will play the role of a character who is invited into this tangled mix of real and dreamlike memories that are in different periods and jumbled up in the wrong order. The goal is to help the protagonist merge points which represent different places and times between reality and dream so that the little friend finds his way back to reality.

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By rotating this magical cube of space-time, you’ll merge related scenes to form a complete puzzle. For example, for the flower lying on the notebook on the table, we need to merge it with a part of the tombstone. It will create a new scene where the rose on the tombstone falls to the ground, turning the scene into a road where the roses are run over by a car.

Such an example is for you to see that Moncage is very strange and mythical. With a cube of only 5 sides of detailed scenes, you can use many different solutions to bring a new way of solving puzzles and create a strange story of your own.

Let me give you a clearer example that can show the level of “crisis” in your mind when you play Moncage.

For example, at one point, you are asked by the game to light a lamp on the altar in a church. Then the scene in the cube reveals a ruined church with a broken roof flooded with light from the moon above. To solve this situation, you must first rotate the cube so that the angle of view obscures the moon, then the church is as dark as ink, and then you find the cube face with the shape of the lamp to light it up. Or you can also choose to zoom in on the altar so that you can no longer see the moonlight and then light the lamp. Well, that’s just one of the tiny examples that show the ingenuity and challenge of the fascinating puzzles in Moncage. But I believe you will fall in love with their creativity.

There are times where you will be stuck, but don’t worry

The more you play, the more complex the scenes unfold. How to make everything logical in each solution and reasonable with the previous developments? It’s difficult to answer.

But fortunately, in Moncage, there is a hint system in the game. Every time you pause the game, you can find it in the general menu of the game. Moncage gives hints by providing three specific clues, and sometimes a video tutorial in extremely difficult cases. This tip is probably not needed by the professional puzzle players, but for some newbies like me, it’s really an outlet to never get bored when playing this brainstorming game.

What does it feel when playing Moncage?

You have to control that little cube. Each successful and logical merge will unlock the door, pull the lever, and unlock the next secrets in a new cube. But things are actually much more complicated.

As someone has said, the longer you play, the more you will discover that you are “losing yourself”. During the gameplay, you will always feel like you are standing in front of an illusory visual wall. You will not notice it when you play, but when you look at other people playing, you will feel like you are in it, it’s very weird guys. You will stare at the cube in front of you, your eyes will constantly move back and forth to think of a solution, then try hard to find the connection with the previous situations. And from time to time, you may not understand who tells that story, from the respected father in memory or from a son who had a vivid childhood and is now facing a lot of loss?

Moncage challenges you not only in memory, in how to logically connect everything, but also in patience. How long can you look at a cube, a beautiful image in front of your eyes to find the solutions?

Graphics and sound

Whoever said that the game images are not important, must change their way of thinking after playing this game. Even if you are sad and heartbroken because you are stuck somewhere in the game, its beautiful graphics always can help you feel comfortable again, to continue the long journey ahead.

The graphics are 2D only, but the images in Moncage are always as beautiful as a dream picture. The color tone is soft and nostalgic like an indie game that you used to love in your childhood. Everything is vivid, light but so deep.

The sound is gentle, delicate. It does not have too many types of instruments, but each sound really touches the deepest vibes of the human heart.

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Moncage is a game that every puzzle lover should play. Or if you are a lover of the art of arrangement and want to let your emotions fight your brain, you should also download Moncage to play. It is a masterpiece that you cannot refuse once you start the first challenge.

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