Money Inc. 0.3.3 MOD APK for Android

We have long suspected that running a trillion-dollar company would be simple. Money Inc. will prove that it’s not only easy but also very fun.

Introduce about Money Inc.

Running a business in an office environment doesn’t seem like a good idea for an idle game, right? But Money Inc. has made the touch on the screen in a monotonous way has become super interesting. You will start a business, set a business plan and build a great empire. What will that rich dream look like? Only you can find the answer!


Your millions of dollars empire begin with hiring a few employees to work at the office. Money Inc. doesn’t specify specific areas for each entrepreneur. And thanks to that, in the same office, each person can do different jobs. Legal lawyers, online business employees, real estate agents, movie ticket sellers, developers and hackers. You can meet them all in one office.

Money Inc.’s mechanism quite similar to some other idle games like Idle Miner Tycoon or Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon. That is, over time, as you play longer, and your employees work longer, they will make more money. In the process, new items and elements will unlock, opening up more content for you to explore.

However, it will be boring if Money Inc. goes on and on, and not allow you to interact with anything. Pay attention to the staff. When they make more money, you have to spend that money to upgrade their skills and increase sales of your company many times.

At important milestones, you must equip them with new equipment or items that encourage morale such as hotdogs or chocolate cakes. Office workers always like to relax in the middle of the hour with a little food and drink, right?

Refresh and build your company

Money, money and money! This game is a capitalist’s dream. After a while, you can sell your company to start over. Many people say that this is time-consuming, and they have to do more jobs at the start-up. But, I think it’s not really.

You have the experience, a solid foundation and optimal strategies to make money, you will soon create value and scale-up quickly for your business. More than that, Money Inc. also encourages people to do this by giving them the right to use new equipment, providing better employees and increasing sales after each time you sold your company.

Many interesting features

Money Inc. has countless interesting features than the usual idle games. Every half hour, you will receive a treasure chest that can unlock many skins for employees. I once received the skin of a rocker with a cool appearance, a beautiful staff and even an alien. Of course, these factors make office work unique and less tedious than the real environment you’ve ever seen!

In addition, you can also play stock games right in the CEO office to make more money.

However, the interesting things were not over yet, as all the employees had pun names, from horrible to amazing. For example, Sue Preem, Earl Lee Riser, or hopeful Will B. Riche, who will help you earn your first million billion very quickly.

Upgrade the equipment

There are many factors that affect profit per unit of time. Staff, campaign or business is only part of it. The rest is equipment that employees use. The higher their performance, the more money you will make, and give employees more work experience. It is these factors that promote profitability for the entire company.

Chính vì điều này, bạn nên nâng cấp các trang thiết bị cho văn phòng, và Because of this, you should upgrade office equipment and sometimes unlock new devices. Of course, these processes cost a lot of money. But in the long run, they are not much compared to what your business receives.

Download Money Inc. APK for Android

Joining Money Inc., you can build your dream of becoming a billionaire and capture potential business markets. Although it is classified as an idle category, in-game activities will make you extremely busy!

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