My City: College Dorm Friends APK (Paid) Download for Android

Do you wonder which mobile learning game is being played the most by children aged 5 to 16 today? The answer is My City : College Dorm Friends APK.

Introduce about My City : College Dorm Friends

My City : College Dorm Friends is played by over 100 million kids from around the world. This is a simulation game that is close, easy to play, easy to understand, and can arouse curiosity and creativity for children.

Everything is new and strange, promoting creativity and stimulating children’s curiosity

A door to the University Dormitory opened. You are a member here and can do whatever you like on this campus.

As adults, we may not understand what this game is for when the only thing you can do is touch every item to move, change, start, turn it on or off or use it. But try to download for the children at home, sit and watch them play. You will understand how much fun and engaging it is to interact with every little detail and slowly explore things, brood over the characters and relationships with friends in this Dormitory.

Because the biggest difference between adults and children is the words “Curious”. Everything to you may not be new, but for a child under 10 years old, everywhere is a strange thing and all they want is to explore, learn and admire.

What can children do in this game?

First, you will play a series of mini-games, solve puzzles and find hidden objects in this exciting Dorm campus. Children can visit many different areas here. For example, the reception area is a small game center and favorite musical instruments can make happy sounds when you touch them. There is a lounge area where you can cook and lie down all day with close friends to watch a favorite TV show. Or go to the Research room to focus on your homework and use whatever calculator you want.

Well, this room also has a set of telescopes for you to freely watch the stars and chat with friends. If you want to relax more gently, you can go to the rooftop, play small games with friends, eat some delicious sandwiches at the night. Otherwise, in the morning, you can go swimming together in the swimming pool area under the yard, surrounded by green grass. Children find it interesting when swimming and playing water games.

If it is a girl, there is an Girls Room study and play, talk with cute girls and play with dolls together. Nerds room is for playing games comfortably for hours, boys will love this room. Or you can go to the COED room full of the most fun entertainment that both girls and boys can play.

A dorm or rather a perfect dollhouse

Yeah, that’s correct. But dollhouse sounds more interesting because the Dorm seems to be too mature. In this slightly mature dollhouse, you can 100% touch and interact with any item big or small, to learn and play with it. For example, touch to turn on the faucet, touch the lights around the pool to turn on and off the lights with a magical pink and blue light, touch the ball to put them in the basket, and turn it back on. All actions, big and small, are accompanied by specific movements and sounds. This interaction is the bridge that helps children live in the magical world of the game and opens up a series of cool fantasies in their heads (which sometimes we can’t fully understand).

Can adults play this game?

I always answer: yes, play it now. What to young children is discovery, is creativity, to you will be relaxation. Although you may know it in real life and are too familiar with it every day, the cute simplicity of everything here will help your mind rest, light, and relax. You get to return to the original and find a source of pleasure to recharge with a new positivity.

This cute 2D game is also a bridge leading you into the world of children. Your boy who was still holding his back has now opened his arms to explore the outside world. And if one day you realize that the connection between you and your child is a bit loose, then open My City : College Dorm Friends, sit and watch your kid play and look into its eyes, a sky of love will overflow. You will love and understand your kid more.

Download My City : College Dorm Friends APK for Android

You can do more for your kid than you think. But first, let your kid’s imagination and curiosity fly away, by playing a simulation game like My City : College Dorm Friends.

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