My City: Grandparents Home v2.0.0 APK (Full)

Return to your beloved hometown and visit your grandparents in the game My City: Grandparents Home APK. Join this game and have your luggage ready to visit them now!

Introduce about My City: Grandparents Home

My Town Games is one of the famous educational game developers with hit game series like My City, My Town, and My Little Princess. Recently, a new game of the My City series has been released, titled My City: Grandparents Home. The new journey has begun, are you ready to accompany the little characters to explore it?

The gameplay of Grandparents Home

My City: Grandparents Home has pure and creative content. You can test that easily through its gameplay. Basically, the game is played through interactions. You play as a character, go to your grandparents’ house and build your own story through available scenarios and environments.

There are many characters and objects to interact with. You just need to touch them, the conversation will start. They are very happy, ready to help you with many things. But sometimes, they need help too, that’s when you show kindness. My Town Games integrates multi-touch technology, allowing you to interact with multiple objects at the same time. Sometimes, you can perform a sequence of actions on a single screen with someone. This is great, isn’t it?

Write meaningful stories

There are many stories in this game, you can write to complete it, or write your own story, with 8 different locations to explore.

Christmas is coming, grandpa and grandma are rushing to prepare a party for the whole family to gather together. Please help them prepare food and decorations for the house. Don’t forget the pine tree, the sparkling light with gifts. Everyone will love it.

In the backyard, things were messed up after a long period of inattention. The trees had turned withered, the car was dusty, and the television was still lying dormant in the corner. Let’s bring everything back to surprise you. Fix the car’s engine, paint it a new color, while clearing the warehouse mess and watering the pots..

Explore interesting places also with cute characters

As before, My City: Grandparents Home has many places for you to explore. From the living room, backyard, warehouse, swimming pool, and garage of the grandparents. Each place has different characters and objects that can interact. In particular, there is also a basement. Many memories of the grandfather and grandmother are kept here. You can search for them, discover other new and unique things. While moving through doors and paths, I discovered an ancient tomb of a queen, buried thousands of years ago. There, there are precious treasures, but also many mysteries and scary skulls.

The game is connected to other games in the My City series

As you can see, all the games in the My City series play offline and have many different versions. You will feel very bored if there is no connection between them, right? Luckily, My Town Games has thought about this. They have integrated connectivity features, allowing you to interact and share characters with each other.


My City: Grandparents Home has a bright graphics background. Although everything is designed on a 2D platform, the characters and settings are very detailed, so the experience is great. You can see happiness, surprise, or anxiety on someone’s face, through their expressions.

Also, the music is very good. Those are funny and gentle melodies in the beloved journey home.

Download My City: Grandparents Home APK free for Android

My City: Grandparents Home is suitable for children aged three and up. It stimulates creativity by allowing players to role-play and write their own stories. Hundreds of millions of children worldwide have participated in My City. Please download My City: Grandparents Home for free on APKMODY and enjoy the good times.

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