My City: Jail House v2.0.0 APK (Full/Paid) for Android

Download the APK version of the game My City: Jail House. We always try to keep up to date with the latest releases and make it free to everyone!

Introduce about My City: Jail House

My City: Jail House is one of My City game series from My Town Games. This time, you will discover interesting things in the city prison.

What’s new?

When hearing about the prison, you would think it was a very scary place. It is a place where criminals, those who make mistakes in life, are kept. Even some of them are very dangerous.

My City: Jail House will make you change that mindset. In the game, you not only have to control and limit the behavior of prisoners but also have to think of ways to develop the prison economy. Help funny prisoners in prison to have a better new life.


Have you ever wanted to know what the prison looks like? My City: Jail House is a simulation playground for you to explore all that.

You will play the role of the guard, the police or even the prisoner. In 3D simulation space, the harmony between images and colors creates a funny animated atmosphere. You may not think this is a prison, where often simulated with dull, scary colors.

The game also takes you to various locations in the prison, areas like the yard, dining room, helipad and more. There are a total of 8 locations for you to freely explore.

An exciting journey!

Like all versions of My City, you can touch and interact with almost anything you see. With fun characters and detailed locations, you can get into the role by creating and presenting your own story.

For example, when playing the role of a prison guard, you have the duty to take care of prisoners to help them become better. Unlock the door, visit the prison yard and solve puzzles. Make sure no inmates are stealthy to escape.

Connect with friends

Publisher My Town Games released many games with content suitable for children. With loads of exciting adventures and stories, kids can have lots of practical lessons through these games.

And fortunately, the products of My Town Games are all connected. This allows you to share characters and gadgets in this game with other games. You also feel more excited and do not miss the transition to a different version. At the same time, you can also connect with your friends. It’s interesting, right?


My City: Jail House has hidden keys, distributed everywhere in the city. Search for them to unlock new content.

Try turning off the lights, you would not expect that, a disco dance floor is shown. Space is full of colorful lights, lively music with friends. This place is different from the prison environment you are exploring.

Play with friends

My City: Jail House is a healthy game and helps stimulate the thinking ability of young children. Children can freely create their own ideas even when no parents are around.

My City: Jail House is rated as entertaining and highly educational. The most suitable age to play this game is from 4 to 12 years old.

Moreover, the game also supports the multi-touch feature, so you can play with family or friends on the same screen. This feature helps you practice the habit of interacting with people around.

Download My City: Jail House for Android

My City is proud to be one of the most popular educational game series on mobile. It stimulates the creativity and exploration of young children, suitable for parents who can play with their children.

In previous articles, if My City: Mansion gives you a regal life in the mansion, My City: Grandparents Home takes you to your grandparents’ home to experience the holiday, then My City: Jail House gives you the opportunity explore the prison – where the prisoners are being held.

It sounds scary, but you’ll soon be excited about it. Now, let install My City: Jail House and experience this exciting game with your children.

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