My City: Mansion 4.0.0 MOD (Paid) for Android

Have you ever wondered: What is the life of billionaires like? Perhaps many people cannot imagine what happens in their lives. No more guesswork or imagination about it, you will experience it in that life immediately with My City: Mansion APK, an extremely attractive simulation game of My Town Games.

Introduce about My City: Mansion

My Town Games is a company specializing in the design of life simulation games for children. Their games help stimulate creativity and open a lively worldview for young children. These include popular games like My Town, My City, Wonderland along with attractive topics. This game for young children with high educational, but adults should also experience to have a new perspective on the surrounding life. A beautiful and meaningful life.

Live in a large mansion

My City: Mansion brings you to the life of rich and famous people. You will live in a modern and luxurious villa. You will be overwhelmed by the splendor of this new home, a house full of everything for you. With interesting places like garage, golf course, heliport, your dream now comes true. Each floor is a room with lots of new things for you to explore. As for me, I really like the rooftop, where there are the ideal golf course and the helicopter.

It can be said, My City: Mansion is more like a game to explore life than a simulation game. In your mansion, you can freely explore and experience new things. You think everyone has the same mansion is so boring? Rest assured, this is your home so you can freely change the space to your liking. There are hundreds of furniture types for you to choose for each room in each style such as classic, romantic… Turn your villa into a paradise with luxurious interiors, in your own unique style.

Discover the life of rich and famous people

Life in My City: Mansion is an extremely exciting discovery in the upper world. Where you will be completely surprised by many flashy and luxurious pleasures. All are in your house. There are many characters that can help you do what you want and explore this mansion. You can chat with the butler, ask and chat with anyone in the mansion.

If you want to drive modern and epic supercars, go to the garage and choose your favorite car. Your private driver will drive you around the city. More specifically, if you like to walk the city, why not try walking by… helicopter! Head to the rooftop, where has a spacious golf course and a helicopter pad. Walking by helicopter is a new experience, but playing golf at the top of the city is also a good idea. A lot of new things and more than 20 characters are waiting for you to discover in this “luxurious” life.

Party with friends

Have you ever thought of the majestic pool parties with your friends in your own pool? In My City: Mansion, it is extremely simple, even beyond your imagination. With vibrant music, attractive food and drinks made by chef RoboChef in a cool swimming pool space, certainly not let you down. That is to say, life in My City: Mansion is a dream for everyone.


One thing that is remarkable and suitable for children in My City: Mansion, is the fun mini-games. It includes games that stimulate the brain and creativity like puzzles, TIC and Toe… But the special feature is that these games are arranged in your bedroom, where there are sufficient facilities with 5-star quality. It looks like a miniature paradise!

Also, you can try to become a professional rock singer with a famous band. This is a place where you can enjoy classical songs not only in the rock genre but also country music, light music… And you can also realize the dream of being a singer when singing songs in this funny game.


After all, My City: Mansion is still classified as a game for children aged 4-12. Therefore, the image quality is simplified but still very beautiful and bright colors. That helps this game not affect the eye of children but they still have fun experiences.

Download My City: Mansion APK free for Android

My City: Mansion is a new world exploration game for kids. Capital is intended for children so the game is completely safe and has no ads. But trust me, a lot of adults who will enjoy this game, not just children. A whole new category brings extremely interesting experiences. The game costs $ 0.99, but you can download it completely for free via the links below our article.

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