My City: Star Stable 2.0.0 (Paid) for Android

The colorful virtual world of My City: Star Stable, My Town Games’s learning-by-playing game, takes you to a special role. You will own a horse farm with many unique horse breeds and experience many interesting tasks.

Introduce about My City: Star Stable

Raise and take care of horses on a colorful farm with your baby

Why should children have timely access to learning while playing?

In this modern world, children now can benefit from new technological achievements. Typically, a series of games for learning while playing are increasingly blooming on mobile phones and tablets. These mobile games not only have bright colors, full of energy, bring hours of poetic entertainment for children, but they are also a way for children to do things they cannot do (because they are too young) in their lives. And it’s a wonderful way for children to both learn about the outside world and have fun playing with their parents in the most enjoyable and comfortable way.

There have been many kinds of this educational game such as cooking, studying, playing, entertaining, going to boarding school, building houses, taking care of pets… And I just discovered a learning game with a strange topic, which is suitable for both boys and girls. This game is called My City: Star Stable.

Where does My City: Star Stable have for kids?

My City: Star Stable is a game in the entire My City series that has been extremely popular on mobile. But this time, it brings a more different, attractive, and novel form.

Any child after a few times watching cartoons wants to have a horse on her/his own to take care of, nurture, train and accompany with. In My City: Star Stable, your baby will be able to do all those things, and even more. Playing this game, you will be the owner of a large horse farm and do a lot of cool things with a series of lovely horses here.

What does My City: Star Stable teach children?

The first thing is the spirit of discovery and curiosity. The game opens an amazing virtual world, which has many distinct locations on the large horse farm grounds. Children can freely explore, play, and experience each functional area.

Going to the training area, children will have the opportunity to train their own horses to be ready to participate in the region’s running competitions. It is they who choose and directly train these horses with a series of cute skills such as sprinting, jumping over obstacles…

Going to the racecourse, your child will have a vastly different and competitive experience when witnessing the continuous horse competitions taking place here. Children can also participate with their own good horse, compete with other horses, and win the highest. This is a process that requires a lot of combined skills and thereby simultaneously enhances the ability to observe, fine judgment, acumen and flexibility when facing challenges on the track.

If your children like something gentle, they can participate in simple activities such as taking care of the horse, feeding, cleaning the stable, bringing the horse to the stable, brushing, spraying bath water…

In My City: Star Stable, there are also many interesting mini games that children can play alone with the computer or the whole family gathers after dinner to discuss and play together like solving mini puzzles, finding hidden objects in areas of the farm…

The space in My City: Star Stable is a space for free exploration. Everything from small to large objects is here for your baby to interact and receive quick feedback. The excitement about the beautiful life around and the good experiences is increasing and bringing a lot of fun in the little soul.

Nurturing love for animals, being in harmony with nature and having a good relationship with family

Through cute activities, interacting with objects and people, especially the cute ponies in the game, your baby will gradually realize everything needs attention and care. If you want a horse to be healthy and beautiful, you must take care of it every day, give love to each of your four-legged friends. They will grow well and mature through competitions. If you want to take care of horses, you must learn from the experience of friends in the area and interact with tools and objects.

It is your baby’s process of enjoying, learning, and growing.

Download My City: Star Stable APK free for Android

This game is so beautiful, cute, and suitable for children from 4 years old. They can learn while playing, thereby stimulate the all-round development. Besides, it is even more fun if they and their parents play together.

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