My PlayHome: Play Home Doll House v3.12.0.37 APK (Full & No ADS)

My PlayHome : Play Home Doll House APK is one of the rare simulation games for kids that has more than 10 million downloads. Let your children play at home or play with them to have fun and learn many interesting things together.

Introduce about My PlayHome : Play Home Doll House

My PlayHome : Play Home Doll House is introduced as “A game that makes children happy”. I love this description. Children need nothing but fun, but this is also fun and learning. So, without thinking much, I downloaded it right away, played it for a while before deciding to install the tablet for my little girl at home.


Let’s see how to play My PlayHome : Play Home Doll House. Imagine that you have a house with dolls and play the role of family members: son, daughter, father, mother, grandfather, grandmother. In that lovely house, there are all necessary amenities such as: living room, bedroom, entertainment room, study room, kitchen, bathroom, toilet.

Anywhere in the house, you can let the dolls use and interact with everything such as going to the kitchen to get an egg frying pan, baking a pizza, letting the whole doll family gather on the sofa to watch TV, make drinks, celebrate birthdays at home…

Learning while playing

There are many cute, emotional situations when playing this game. For example, when parents and two children come home from going out, it rains heavily. You’ll touch each person to let them get out of the car, then go into the living room of the house. The grandparent doll will appear. He would go to the bathroom to take out a towel to wipe everyone’s body so that they wouldn’t catch a cold, then the whole family would sit on the sofa and watch TV. That means not only objects and colors, but playing My PlayHome : Play Home Doll House, children also observe how family members express emotions, love and care for each other. For me, this is the most important and in-depth part of this game.

And if you think that interacting with objects in the game is just symbolic like many other superficial simulation games, you will change your way of thinking after trying My PlayHome : Play Home Doll House with your child. Every tiny item such as a comb, pen, and notebook can be touched, grasped, and used for any purpose that the child can think of. You will be amazed at your child’s creativity.

And yet, this dollhouse can be changed continuously over time. You will have an inventory of accessories and equipment available to decorate, edit the layout and design the rooms in the house. Every day the dolls in the house need to be changed. And for children, choosing clothes and accessories for dolls is also an extremely interesting job. Watching children play games, you may also accidentally discover their passions and talents.

The whole time exploring each small object in the house, interacting with family members, decorating things in a fun way will always make children busy. Thereby, it will stimulate their brain to develop both logically and emotionally in a dynamic and comprehensive way. Instead of playing fighting games for hours, it’s better to playing a game like this to learn, cultivate knowledge, and review family feelings.

Play with your child to see them growing

If you have time to play with your children, give them a chance to look back on the good habits of the day. They can learn to wake up in the morning, arrange the blankets and pillows, brush teeth, wash their face, eat breakfast, read articles, play in the yard together…

In the afternoon, they can help their mother cook, spend time with father to repair something in the house, listen to grandmother reading books, and clean the garden with grandpa. At night, they will remember to close the curtains, check the door, brush teeth, turn off the lights and go to bed… All these things are really repeated every day. When playing games, ask your child to act as a guide for the little dolls. They will once again grow up when they personally instruct and do these things for their doll family.

Graphics and sound

Soft background music is as warm as the family atmosphere in this cozy dollhouse. You can optionally adjust the volume, choose another song instead. The sound when touching and interacting with objects is also incredibly detailed and clear, enough to create details but not to interrupt the flow of emotions when playing.

The graphics is in a modern, cute, and soft hand-drawn style. I think any child will love the lovely shapes here from dolls to objects and surroundings. There is another super crucial factor for children: color. This must be said to be an outstanding wonder of the game. Just playing the first few minutes, you can see the vivid, fresh, and very elegant colors in this game. Learning from colors is the fastest way for every child to learn.

Download My PlayHome : Play Home Doll House APK free for Android

My PlayHome : Play Home Doll House is a colorful dollhouse that appeals to all aspects of the imagination, touching the logical thinking and gentle feelings of children. This game is worth downloading to bring out excitement to your children.

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