Nihilumbra 3 APK + MOD (Purchased Full Version)

Nihilumbra MOD APK is a smart puzzle-adventure game with a strange storyline. If you think you’ve played a lot of puzzle adventure games but haven’t found a game creative enough to satisfy your boundless curiosity, try out Nihilumbra.

Introduce about Nihilumbra

Run away from the Unknown Dark World!

Story of courage

You were born as a black creature in an unknown land filled with darkness. But you have a heart full of courage and will of a human. You want to escape from where you were born to go out into the outside world, to reach beauty, goodwill, and light. But no matter what you do, no matter how brave and resilient you are, that great darkness always chases after you in every road you go. It will always appear at the times when you are most confused and facing the most challenging difficulties. It wants to remind, “You must sink into the darkness, you do things in vain, this beautiful world has no place for someone like you”.

If you have once stumbled into the mud of sin, or once fell into what people still call “the bottom of society” and then saw the carefree smiles outside your world, you may understand the feeling of creatures in the game. “Why was I was born? Why do I have to exist? And why will I never belong to the beautiful world there? My place must be a dark place”, thousands of questions and doubts may cover you.

And when there is any thought of wanting to run away from that dark world, you will encounter countless difficulties and obstacles. There is only one way, which is a combination of perseverance, determination, decisiveness, ingenuity, and a brave heart. Only in that way can you change your life, set you free from the vicious circle of fate and the curse of darkness.


The puzzle system in Nihilumbra is both easy and difficult. It is an adventure with many pitfalls along the way. Sometimes it’s just a long stretch of road, sometimes it’s rocky slopes that you can only jump over to continue, or pits all over the way, or a swarm of dark demons that are waiting to swallow you. Along the way, you will gradually gain many different abilities.

You will be able to change your form, from a dark circular creature of unknown origin, you can transform yourself into the first item seen on the road: a scarecrow. Then you will gradually acquire the colors for yourself. By coloring the path, you will have different support abilities. For example, the blue can turn the path to ice, and you can slide fast on it, and then jump further. Green will help turn the path into a cushion that helps you bounce high on it…

Learn to collect and use the colors life gives you to become stronger and free yourself. That message is also your final mission in the entire Nihilumbra game.

Finally, at the peak of the game, when you really grew up and are fully capable of escaping the cruel dark world, that world suddenly becomes intense, growing, even can crush the beautiful world you are pursuing. At this point, you will have to be the one to stand up, fight against the place you were born to protect your dream of a bright sky.

So, not only adventure but ahead of you is also an unprecedented battle so that you can finish the dark past and have happiness in a better world.

Graphics and sound

The simple hand-drawn image is actually a bit haunting for me. The way the story leads, along with the serious, sad, and melancholy voice appearing with the haunting images, do make the whole game both dark and pitiful. The feeling of loneliness and not knowing what and where you are is always clear and poignant to the point of obsession.

The background music from the talented composer Álvaro Lafuente is enough for me. In that background, the guitar breaks, the voice reverberates, and the sound of the character’s movements echoes. Sometimes when I play the game, I even remember the sad stories I have experienced and feel sympathy for the main character extremely. Whether it is a small indeterminate black creature or even it is transformed to integrate into the world, in the end, it still feels alone and wonders about itself. How many times have you asked yourself the same thing?

The world of metaphors

I really like the metaphor in Nihilumbra. You transform yourself from an unknown creature into a scarecrow, it is likely talking about the desire to integrate into life. At first, you can pretend to know nothing, just a scarecrow imitating everything around you, then you will grow up, be mature, and begin to have your own sense and opinions. Or another example, the darkness always seems to want to swallow the main character, as implied in life, if you neglect and give up everything, your soul will gradually disappear, and you will no longer be yourself.

MOD APK version of Nihilumbra

MOD feature

Purchased Full Version


After opening the game, you tap the “Purchase the full version” button on the main screen to unlock the Full version for free.

Download Nihilumbra MOD APK for Android

It is such a beautiful game with profound metaphorical details. It is inevitable that you may both play and sink into thought. The game is hard to play, everyone, but you can stop whenever you want to reflect on your life. I have never played a puzzle adventure game as immersive as this Nihilumbra.

Well, everyone, download the game and play. It’s great. I’m still touched now.

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