Noah’s Heart 1.2 MOD APK for Android (Latest Version)

Noah’s Heart APK, published by Archosaur Games, is one of the most anticipated mobile MMORPGs today. An extraordinary adventure in the strange planet Noah and hundreds of brutal battles take place, promising you will have the most amazing moments. Is it enough to boost your spirit in these cold last days of the year?

Introduce about Noah’s Heart

A journey of adventure and freedom!

If you still think that the mobile game is not worth playing, then when you look at the first images of this role-playing game, you must definitely think again. As one of the few mobile games to successfully apply Unreal Engine 4 technology, Noah’s Heart has created a large, impressive open world and drawn many unusual scenarios for players.


Noah’s Heart revolves around life on the planet Noah. This is a virtual land created by “The Cube”. Explore the deepest secrets of this place with the characters and go through endless battles. Will you go to the end or give up when the battle is not over?

There are no more limits

Although Noah is a virtual world, everything on here is so real. The Noah map stretches seamlessly across many areas, with many different types of terrain. No limits, no stops. Those are the places you will have to slowly explore. Noah is also home to a variety of strange living things, each with different characteristics and life goals. The Noah culture is diverse, multifaceted. It has similarities, and conflicts, leading to a lot of big and small wars for the inhabitants living in this land.

The endless adventure in Noah’s Heart will take you to the snowy peaks where the giant skeletons of ancient beasts are buried. You will also go to tropical forests with no human footprints. Explore the hidden world behind the green trees with your teammates. You can venture into deep dungeons, travel through new lands, find allies, and spot enemies. You are also the one who determines how strong the enemy is, should you ignore it or stop and kill it quickly. You can choose and create weapons and skills that are suitable for different playing styles. Yeah, you can do a lot of things with no limit.

With Noah’s Heart, you can role-play with any other player. Team up with teammates to fight together against dangerous forces in Noah’s virtual world.

The endless adventures take place in a large space, with a system of the day, night, and weather changes that are often very harsh, which creates a lively survival element and a real feeling of being in the game. The game offers a unique sound system, detailed description of each action, closely following each development in the story. What Noah’s Heart makes is not a simple game, but something bigger, a game masterpiece.

Unlimited role playing

Even when it’s an MMORPG. Noah’s Heart has almost gone too far from the traditional confines of an RPG. About the vast, open virtual world, I already said. But here’s one more thing that people will be very interested in: Noah’s Heart does not refuse to refresh, break all barriers to this classic role-playing genre.

You will no longer see many conventional weapons. But now everything is completely new. You are completely free to choose any weapon you see fit. The beauty of Noah’s Heart is the combination like no other. You can combine the different powers of the weapons in your hand and coordinate with your teammates to defeat the monsters. You can choose Weapon, combination, and ally. Most of the time, you will forget you are in a game made by humans. The freedom in Noah’s Heart is almost absolute.

Another important factor you need to pay attention to when playing Noah’s Heart is the Career System. The career system is very free and liberal. In addition to going on expeditions and fighting, the characters must also be guaranteed food, clothing, and weapons. Each of these items is manufactured by one or a few specific individuals on the planet. You can choose a career for yourself from the beginning and follow that character’s development path. You can only produce something that contributes to the development of the village. For the rest of the necessities, if you want, you have to trade with players who have other occupations in the village. This means that everyone is equally important, and every profession has its place and value in the planet Noah community.

Not yet. The generous freedom of Noah’s Heart is also reflected in the ability to customize the character. You can edit hair, shape, costumes, eyes, lips, accessories… By editing the character according to their preferences, players also begin to better integrate into the game, becoming more attached to the character.

Download Noah’s Heart APK for Android

Noah’s Heart is the place any mobile gamer wants to go to try their best. It offers adventure, role-playing combat with other players, and exploring a mysterious shimmering virtual world. Are you ready to embrace this journey of freedom?

Currently, Noah’s Heart has not been released yet. We will update the APK file of the game as soon as possible.

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