Occupation v3.0.4 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Ammo)

Have you ever played VR games, even an action horror one on mobile without jerk and lag? Have you tried playing Occupation MOD APK yet? Let’s read this review to see why you need to download and play it right away!

Introduce about Occupation

Fight against Zombies in a VR world


Occupation is a horror shooting action game from the publisher the3daction.com. It is considered a good combination of action and horror elements with the sandbox genre and the ability to allow players to switch back and forth from many different view angles.

Occupation is a fierce battle to rescue your lover from zombies and monsters. You and your NPC teammates will fight continuously with hordes of both zombies and monsters. At the same time, you and your alliance also need to find armor, weapons, and food (such as Health bags, items on the road…) to both do the task and survive in this dark world.

In-game view angles

If you are a new player, you can choose the smart auto-aiming mechanism. And if you are skilled and want to challenge at a higher level, you can choose the manual aiming mechanism.

To showcase the full magic of 3D space in this horror and expansive VR world, Occupation combines two view angles: first-person and third-person FPS. You can view and freely change your viewing position to suit each battle scene: back-to-front, front-to-back, top-down, and first-person view where you only see your hands and weapons. This freedom to customize the view angles gives the player an open feeling, which is also an ‘important spice’ that makes the game especially interesting compared to other fighting games.

The ability of the character in the game

Playing the role of a reluctant hero in this dangerous world full of zombies, you have a variety of fighting abilities: hit, punch, and shoot. Maybe these skills are nothing compared to many other role-playing games, but they are really attractive for a mobile VR game because the movement in the game is also very smooth, which is rare in VR games.

You also can recruit NPCs to choose the right person for different support jobs such as attack, search for ammunition, find food sources because each NPC will have a unique ability. The right choice will bring you a powerful and intelligent team of allies.

All control methods are displayed in the corners of the screen: the bottom left is a control key cluster for moving, the bottom right is the combat operation. The upper right corner is a series of weapons and ammunition collected on the road. The upper left corner is a simple map to track the location of the character, teammates, and enemies (your side is blue while the enemies are red). This layout, in my opinion, is quite intuitive and easy to control. Just after 1-2 first shooting screens, you will get used to the operations and perform better in the following ones.

Zombies and monsters

Occupation is exactly a game that combines many things. Just saying their name is enough to make people restless. The enemy force here is a combo of different zombies and monsters. At first, you may think the world is going to end just because of the zombie pandemic, with the zombies wandering around looking for a human. But after encountering the first boss, you immediately know you have been tricked.

There are not only zombies but also giant monsters with terrible ugly faces and extremely scary looking. As if those zombies were just the pawns on the chessboard, and this huge group of monsters were King, queen, castle, and bishop. In the game, you will see all 11 types of zombies and monsters. There will be so much fun.

Whoever they are, I just want to tell you that they are so diverse and unpredictable. Be careful!

3D graphics

The 3D world in Occupation opens up endlessly. Sometimes, you may find yourself surrounded by a mist. But if you continue to work, the architecture will appear. Space is thus endless. The game is also designed to be nonlinear so that if you play it again, you will fall into a strange place that is different from what you remember. This is where the sandbox element of the game comes into play. Quite interesting, right?

MOD APK version of Occupation

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money


You get a lot of money after killing a zombie.

Download Occupation MOD APK for Android

Occupation can be said to be one of the reckless experiments on the mobile platform. It boldly brings many elements at one: action, horror in 3D virtual reality, role-playing gameplay, and sandbox. This game is so vivid with beautiful characters and diverse monsters. It is worth a try.

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