One Night at Flumpty’s 3 1.1.3 MOD APK (Paid)

One Night at Flumpty’s 3 APK is a pretty “cute” horror game from story to gameplay. Are you ready to join in exciting jumpscares?

Introduce about One Night at Flumpty’s 3

Make friends with ghost eggs!

“Cute” Proposal

One Night at Flumpty’s 3 begins with a rather spooky greeting “Hi, I’m Flumpty Bumpty. I’m just a fat egg, but the difference is that I live a very long life, having transcended time and space to be here. I like you and want to take you to a pretty cool place where we can be friends. I hope you’re good at hiding, because it’s a bit dark here, and I can approach you at any time. It’s okay, do your best, good luck to you.” In the quiet night, if there is a loud voice resounding with the content like this, how will you feel?

Much curiosity, fear mixed with inhibitions began to arise. Just like that, our game begins.

It’s actually the line of a bloody ghost egg named Flumpty Bumpty. And One Night at Flumpty’s 3 is exactly a horror story. In this story, no matter who you are, you are being kidnapped by the ghost egg Flumpty Bumpty. The reason is simply that Flumpty Bumpty likes you and is looking for a new friend. But to become friends with this bizarre egg, you must overcome a mortal challenge: play hide and seek with Flumpty Bumpty and its wacky friends, including Birthday Boy Blam, the Redman, and the other little monsters. If any ghost jumps out and scares you, you will lose and die instantly. And if you persevere and flexibly survive until 6 am the next morning, you and Flumpty Bumpty will become best friends.


The gameplay is quite simple. But the creepy effect it brings is not simple at all. You will be in a dark, damp room, and a place completely separated from the ghosts that are wandering somewhere out there. But then they will find a way sooner or later.

Did you notice the two electric doors and lights right at the front of the room? That’s where they’ll get in.

Around this monstrous building, a hidden camera system is already installed. The player’s task is to constantly observe these cameras very carefully to detect any moving objects on the camera screens. Quickly detect their presence in other rooms through this system, then prevent them from entering the room or, if necessary, kill them by slamming the two doors.

That is the ideal case. But when playing One Night at Flumpty’s 3, things are not so ideal because the egg ghosts have silently destroyed the electrical system. So, you always only have a very limited amount of backup power. You can’t slam the doors forever, and at some point, the door will run out of electricity and will stand still waiting for the ghost eggs to come in.

So, to hope to live until 6 am the next morning, you have to have a solid strategy, you can’t just take risks or get lucky. Carefully observe and calculate so that you may use the least number of door slams. For example, if you see two ghosts appearing at the same time, slam the door at the same time for them to die together, each arrow hitting two swallows. Strategies for fighting ghosts are like that.

But that’s the case with the little monsters. As for big bosses like Flumpty and his friends like Birthday Boy Blam and the Redman, it’s even more special. When they enter the room, they will turn off all the lights. Everyone will be in the dark, and then these monsters try to scare and eat you. But there’s a chance of survival. At this point, you’ll be able to use the door. The light turned off, fortunately, brings a little power to the front door. That means your last chance to catch them is only once.

Graphics and sound

There’s not much to say about the graphics in One Night at Flumpty’s 3. Of course, it’s not the typical 3D or meticulous form that you can admire during the game. The game only has a 2D design, and everything looks pretty hard to see, just blurry and flickering. But, playing for a while, you will understand that it is the manufacturer’s intention. Because sometimes the ghosts will match the background color, making the visuals trickier and harder to detect.

The ghosts are almost all kinds of ghost eggs, so they have a chubby body, a confused face, and look cute until they really appear and slaughter you mercilessly. The contrast between cute and horror looks like this makes the murder scenes in One Night at Flumpty’s 3 extremely creepy.

Of course, a series of menacing sounds and noises are indispensable. The game has no background music, and everything is in darkness and scary silence. So much so that you can hear every crackle coming from the wood in the fireplace. It is this gloomy, quiet space that makes the journey of survival more haunting.

You can enjoy Part 1 of this game here!

Download One Night at Flumpty’s 3 APK free for Android

The horror game looks pretty cute, easy to play, but turns out to be incredibly hard. The gameplay is unique. The storyline is equally special. Who likes horror games but doesn’t like too much gore, let’s play this game!

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