OVERDOX APK + MOD v2.1.6 (Dumb Enemies/Monsters)

OVERDOX MOD APK (from Haegin) is not only a simple action game but also a perfect blend of MOBA (multiplayer online battle) and Battle Royale (fight alone against all, only one person can survive in each stage).

Introduce about OVERDOX

The first thing that needs to be emphasized is that if you love the fiery slashing action scenes, you must play OVERDOX immediately.

Next, for those of you who like to play melee combat and want to see the huge battlefield, there is one more reason to play OVERDOX.

Experiencing life and death melee combat

Before I go into detail, I would like to say that although the melee combat is small, it is extremely exciting

In OVERDOX, there are many heroes. So, in any battle, you can choose your ideal hero, depending on your melee strategy and each hero’s forte. The combination of MOBA and Battle Royale is that an arena will have 12 players, represented by 12 warriors who fight each other. The last survivor is the winner.

The battles all focus on melee combat. Each battle lasts only about 5 minutes. In that short time, from the first second, you can continuously slash to the enemies. Playing the game, you may both admire the beauty of the moves and experience the extremely harsh feeling of life and death. It only takes a minute of negligence to die right away.

One thing I love about OVERDOX is that not 100 or a few dozen but a maximum of 12 people are present in the arena. So, the scene map is extremely small. No need for open space, no need for elaborate chases, just focus on the enemy in front of you, hit and slash until there’s no one around. This is the game having the smallest battles I’ve ever played.

A typical MOBA game for mobile

OVERDOX is essentially a traditional MOBA game. Accordingly, your warrior will have a circle for a certain limited vision around. Which means you can’t see everything that’s going on on the map outside of the circle.

In return, more suitable with the spirit of melee battle, the character can do a lot of melee powerful manipulations. Like rushing into battle and attacking like stormy, dodging attacks, and defending. All melee skills from basic to advanced are available. The more you fight, the more experience you will have, and you will have a multitude of skills and weapons randomly collected from the battlefield such as running fast at the speed of light, setting poison traps on enemies… Some unique items exist in a short time, such as energy columns that reduce enemy vision.

Everyone gets an upgrade. So does the warrior in OVERDOX. Besides Fighting, remember not to skip the gear pieces. They will help increase attack power, defense, stamina, and speed. In general, the more gear pieces you get, the better. When all the pieces are complete, you will get a complete tool outfit. This outfit, in addition to increasing the stats, also helps you to have special skills. Weapons, through them, are also upgraded to increase destructive power.

On the same map and the same battlefield but appearing in different angles will evoke in players different battle strategies. No strategy is the same and there is no limit. And for those who do not know, it is the quintessence when skillfully combining MOBA and Battle Royale. Thumbs up for production.

Fight endlessly with monsters along the way

On the map, there are always a lot of monsters, more and more. So, in addition to fighting against 11 players trying to kill you, you also must fight with the monsters around. Depending on the NPC enemy swarm and map conditions, you will choose the weapon you have in your inventory to fight when entering the battle, most of which are hammers and swords. Take advantage of the pieces to buff different stats as quickly as possible to hope to survive to the end. If you work hard and are sharp, sometimes you can even get a few types of accompanying vehicles such as a drone to increase your chances of winning.

Make friends with other players

The problem of a Battle Royale game is that not everyone likes to fight other players. Sometimes when going into a multiplayer online game, we just want to gently invite a few friends to play together and then join them shoulder to shoulder against the enemies in the game. We don’t want to execute any of the team. Predicting such a situation, OVERDOX provides an additional Friendly Mode feature. The friendly gamers will love this for sure.

MOD APK version of OVERDOX

MOD features

  • Dumb Enemies
  • Dumb Monsters


You have to enable MOD feature before enter the fight.

You must uninstall all hacking app on your phone such as Lucky Patcher or GameGuardian, otherwise the game may detect your cheating activity.

Download OVERDOX APK & MOD for Android

The game has beautiful and sharp images and a top-down view to illustrate eye-catching melee scenes. Warriors hit firmly, any blow is decisive, and the sound is crisp. It is a real-time MOBA mortal battlefield where you must fight to the death against 11 others to survive and win. If there’s any reason not to play OVERDOX anymore, it’s just the fear of being addicted.

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