PAKO Caravan 1.2.1 for Android (Latest Version)

Are you a fan of the racing game series PAKO? Are you passionate about speed and the graceful drift, leave the annoying police behind? Download PAKO Caravan APK to satisfy your passion today!

Introduce about PAKO Caravan

You have played all the levels of PAKO Forever and there is nothing left for you to explore. Don’t worry, today or APKMODY will introduce to you a completely new version of this game, and bring different gameplay, promising to bring many interesting things. The game called PAKO Caravan.


If PAKO Forever is set as a chase between police cars and players, then PAKO Caravan offers a completely different situation. From the prey hunted by the police, the player will become a hunter on the map. And about details, please read the gameplay section.


Basically, PAKO Caravan has the same gameplay as its predecessor. Players will be in the role of a driver, wriggle and control your car to complete the assigned tasks. The car will be driven forward by default, you have to drive the car by touching the left and right sides of the screen, helping the car to glide in the respective direction.

It sounds simple, but they are also extremely difficult for first-time gamers because you can not control the car, falling into the hole in about 50 first tries is inevitable. However, this is an interesting thing, something that is addictive for players with the feeling of wanting to conquer.

PAKO Caravan gameplay


So why say PAKO Caravan is a game that turns you into a hunter? Here, there is no police pressure or anything chasing you, but your task is to collect other cars, get them to join your convoy, follow each other through town. However, you will lose your life if you hit obstacles on the map, plunge your car off the edge or crashing yourself into the vehicle in your convoy. Speaking of which, many people also realize that PAKO Caravan has a way of operating quite similar to the game “Snake” that was famous for a long time.

Missions and maps

PAKO Caravan has up to 10 different levels, but you can’t play all of them right from the start, you have to complete the mission gradually to unlock it. The missions in this game are extremely rich and really … a lot. You spend an hour just to play a warm-up round, no one guarantees that you will get the whole thing done, so there will be no story of playing all the quest of level N and you will continue playing level N + 1.

Instead, the mechanics for unlocking the level are also calculated differently. Each time you complete a mission, you will receive a star. To unlock a new level, you must achieve the minimum number of stars that it requires, of course will still require you to tryhard, but nonetheless it is also quite light.

Each time you move on to the next level, the difficulty of the game will increase one level in speed and obstacle. However, you will also receive new skills to overcome the difficulties on the track. Instructions on how to use the skill are posted as soon as you enter the new level and it will be there until you use it. Please pay attention because it is extremely helpful.


Every time you complete a turn, the game will automatically save your achievements on the number of vehicles collected, the number of columns toppled, or the secrets that PAKO Caravan sends into the game. These can help you complete a quest if they are the required task. In addition, the highest achievement of each person will be remembered by the game to create a personal record.

When playing games, I still recommend that you turn off Wifi and 3G to avoid being bothered by ads. However, when you achieve a high achievement and want to know how good you are, turn on your internet connections and enter the game, it will statistically how much your achievement ranks in the world. For those who have the ability and like to race the top, this is an extremely attractive opportunity. “Rank 1 of the World”, doesn’t it sound cool?

A little bit of graphics

When it was first announced that PAKO had a new version, I was quite expecting the difference in both gameplay and graphics. The gameplay really surprised me, but the graphics were not as good as I expected. The graphics aren’t as ground-breaking compared to PAKO Forever, plus the colors in some displays are less eye-catching. Anyway, PAKO Caravan still retains good looks in its image. Everything is designed to be simple, classic and also lovely, new animations are added over time. Overall, I think it is pretty good.

Download PAKO Caravan APK for Android

PAKO Caravan is truly a game worth playing even if you have not tried PAKO Forever. Complete all challenges of the game and write your name on a high position on the world rankings!

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