Pandaclip: The Black Thief MOD APK v1.6.11 (Unlimited Money/Unlocked)

Nothing is perfect in this world. If you want to play a game where you can fight fiercely, you will face blood scenes. If you want to be funny, you have to go with jokes. But there are still a few exceptions, like Pandaclip: The Black Thief MOD APK, which is a role-playing action game but still super cute. Let’s see how amazing it is before deciding to play it!

Introduce about Pandaclip: The Black Thief

Laugh out loud with a super amazing Fighting anime game

Captivating from the start thanks to the traditional anime style

Pandaclip: The Black Thief is a fighting RPG full of super cute anime characters. The character you transform into will be full of sweet girls talking and chatting with each other. But so quickly, they turn 180 degrees into funny short anime girls fighting the hateful thieves.

Anime-style games are always like that. In respect of character creation, they always give you a drop from above to the ground, and it is sometimes very painful. When they are well prepared, they are always the type of girl that thousands of people love. But when they enter the game, they turn into cute little chubby girls with big eyes. But it is this transformation that has created the unique identity of any unique anime graphic game genre. And Pandaclip: The Black Thief is not an exception.


The beautiful and carefree world is threatened by the monster, Black Bear. You will lead specially trained mischievous girls to fight the Black Bear and its beast soldiers.

These girls fight with strange moves. Each has a unique move with a special weapon to fight. You can imagine how diverse the situation is. Thanks to this multi-talented and beautiful army, we can continuously defend a variety of situations and enemies.


Surprisingly, though they seem to be weak girls, they can use all the modern weapons of the current world when they fight. Initially, they use a pan to beat the big fat panda bears. After that, the weapons can be upgraded to a gun of all kinds. Later, when you unlock more, you can freely change each girl’s equipment and weapons, and increase the overall strength of the girls.

In Pandaclip: The Black Thief, there are many different minigames and some special events. If you like, you can join more for fun. Prizes are good too. Those items can still be used after returning to the main game, for these beautiful warriors, of course.

One more special thing. Just like in real life, when you have special feelings for someone, you will want to constantly meet, constantly give them this and that. If you have a crush on a certain warrior while playing and often give her gifts, her personality and behavior with you will also change over time. Kind of reciprocating your love.

Another good point is that during the mission, you can interact with each girl. Read her confiding to learn about her life, background, and personality. And between them, there are also many interesting and satirical dialogues. Watching it, you may forget about fighting without knowing. Thanks to that, the new game is lighter and fresher.

Note that later, the enemies of the black bears become more and more intense. They not only walk alone but can fire bullets and have the ability to heal themselves when hit.

Winning a level, you will not only pass the next stage but also collect many trophies. Just attack as fast as you can. Because only when you work hard, you will get more equipment to be ready for the boss fight.

During the game, if you like a character, or you see that any girl’s ability is more suitable for the screen, you can freely choose to switch between characters for a more effective strategy of fighting. For example, for a screen with many bears constantly approaching, you should choose one with good melee ability (like using a pan for example). As for the scene of the black bear slowly approaching from far away, a girl who can use a long-range gun should be chosen. It will save time and be safer.

Where there are girls, there are beautiful clothes

Yeah, you know, the Warriors are all pretty girls. So, I’m not surprised to see the publisher let a lot of outfits appear. Later, you can unlock more themes of appearances. Feel free to dress up the girls. Hit and fight whatever you want, but first, you have to be beautiful.

In addition to the costume, there are many beautiful accessories included. I’m sure the girls will love this part. For me, I just need to dress them up in hot sexy clothes. Sometimes I don’t need accessories. Nah, because it can just add more to the confusion on their appearances. The simpler, the better, do you agree?

MOD APK version of Pandaclip: The Black Thief

MOD features

  • Unlimited Gacha
  • Unlimited Items
  • Unlocked Characters

Download Pandaclip: The Black Thief MOD APK for Android

Playing Pandaclip: The Black Thief is the right way to fight and laugh. The people are beautiful, the scene is super cheerful, and it can be played offline, not afraid of losing game progress because it can be automatically saved in the cloud. It is really worth a try, guys.

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