Parkour Race 1.9.6 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Parkour Race MOD APK (Skins Unlocked) is available for download. You will experience the feeling of climbing on the skyscrapers in the city and competing with other rivals to win the championship Parkour.

Introduce about Parkour Race

Madbox is a familiar mobile game publisher. They bring players unique products with simple gameplay but very attractive. And Parkour Race is a game that represents the things I just mentioned. With over 5,000,000 downloads from Google Play and thousands of positive ratings, these are the most objective reviews for the success and popularity of this game. In the future, it could reach more people and developers are trying to do that by constantly releasing more interesting updates.

A hint: This game has similar gameplay to Vector.


As I mentioned above, Parkour Race offers extremely simple gameplay and players can easily grasp through a series of instructions from the system.

Parkour Race gameplay


When starting Parkour Race, you participate in a tutorial match to get acquainted. By touching and swiping the screen to navigate, the character will automatically move and perform beautiful Parkour movements to overcome obstacles in front. When understanding how the game works, the difficulty will be raised. First of all, I want to talk about the terrain. It becomes more complicated with narrow walls and crevices. The obstacles appear dense with the dangerous layout. Without an agile reflex, the character is very vulnerable to collision and left behind. Moreover, the competition will also appear when you have to play against many other competitors. Can you overcome them to win and become a Parkour champion?


Items appear randomly. They are designed to be part of the game and it’s hard to win if you don’t know how to take advantage.

The two effects that these items provide include helping people to jump higher and increase speed. If you encounter a wall, you cannot overcome them and have to take a detour which will take more time. If the road is short, just a little bit slowly is enough to lose the game. In addition, the cable helps you go through many buildings at the same time and leaves behind opponents who are struggling with obstacles.

If you want to win this game, you must take advantage of all the items on the way to ensure the best movement speed, limit the slowdown and do not give the opponent the opportunity to overcome. Skill is needed and it needs to be improved during the experience.

Unlock skins

Based on the rank you gain after each race, the system will give you different rewards. These can be the keys to open secret gift boxes or gold coins that you can use to shopping.

Parkour Race is just a simple Arcade game, so it does not have an upgrade feature for the character. But in return, the developer has brought a unique collection of skins for you to change the appearance of the character. Do you like Son Goku in Dragon ball? Or Captain America in the MCU? Or Joker? All are available if you have enough money to pay.

Not only does the appearance change, but the halo when the character uses Parkour skills is also changed. Instead of monochromatic light, skins emit light in more colors and shapes. In addition, if you want to change the terrain, you can also buy logo packages with many unique themes.


Parkour Race has two modes Classic and Daily Race.

With Classic mode, you have to overcome 100 rounds with increasing difficulty. The victory will open the next round, and if you defeat the 100th rival, you are a champion.

As for the Daily Race mode, it is a little different as it is only open in certain time periods. It is designed as a special map and is constantly changing. Here, you have the opportunity to receive extremely attractive rewards if you can achieve high scores. Great rewards also mean great difficulties. You will find it a bit difficult to reach the terrain and will also feel the competition more rigorous than the Classic mode.

MOD APK version of Parkour Race

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money: Displayed as 0, but still usable.
  • No Ads

Download Parkour Race MOD APK for Android

Through the above, we can conclude that Parkour Race is a mobile game with simple and attractive gameplay which has a lot of impressive Parkour scenes. It really fits the definition of an entertaining game, but sometimes it can be difficult. However, this gives players a lot of motivation to conquer new challenges.

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