Peace Death 2 MOD APK 1.0.10 [Unlimited Money]

Peace, Death! 2 MOD APK is a midcore turn-based logic game full of puzzles. You will constantly face difficult choices and reflect on hundreds of stories full of humanity.

Introduce about Peace, Death! 2

Decide who goes to heaven or hell!


Peace, Death! 2 sets up a pretty strange story. You will play the role of Reaper, a diligent employee of the boss Death at Apocalypse, Inc. Your task is to send clients to Hell, Heaven, or Purgatory after reading through their biographies, stories, knots in their lives.


The story sounds serious but, Peace, Death! 2 is a very hilarious game. You will have many laughs when playing this game. Partly because you will be funny at the situation of the clients, partly because the visuals are very humourous in the game. For example, sometimes you will encounter an angry young man who dies suddenly and still holds a pistol blatantly walking around in Apocalypse, Inc. What will you do, throw him into Hell without question or try to convince him to get to know him better, get him to drop his weapon, and carefully review the tapes of his life?

Or there is also a troll situation when you will meet a normal person with a gentle face. There is only one point that makes you wonder why he insists on keeping the hat on his head, never taking it off. Will you be impulsive to send him to Heaven because of his good looks, or find a way to remove the hat to discover underneath is a horn? That man who thought he was gentle turned out to be a devil in human disguise or is an angel who made a mistake and fell to earth?

Unfortunately for our Reaper. Work for the boss Dealth right when the world above is constantly in disaster. Every time an earthquake, a natural disaster, a drought, a war or something happens, it’s as if your number of clients increases exponentially. But your day is only 24 hours, the deadline is getting close, the boss keeps asking about your work. You are always pushed under time pressure and the harsh boss.

The trick here is to divide the work properly by grouping customers by appearance and feel first and then gradually eliminating unexpected situations. Hold back to take a closer look at the characters that have suspicious points or something weird that you can’t explain.

It becomes harder to recognize the truth over time

The higher you go, the more challenging the challenging levels become. The client who has a talent for disguise is also becoming more and more skillful. Some people are dead and still can’t let go of their cunning and shady personalities, trying to cover up everything mundane. As the person who determines the fate of people after death, you must make things clear and avoid making as few mistakes as possible.

While playing Peace, Death! 2, every week you will receive a new disaster event. That means there’s always something to do, and you will always be busy. As you work more and more, the frequency of occurrence of events becomes denser. And accompanying with overload are countless disruptive situations that make you never set your mind at rest. The intern called to ask if she was accepted into the group, you discovered the safe containing contraband goods in the company, and the Paradox secret agent infiltrating the group, the customer abductor appeared… The game will have many challenges that force you to solve.

Graphics and sound

Graphics and sound are not an attraction of Peace, Death! 2 because the game does not emphasize this issue but on the story. The graphics in this game is just a 2D image, it’s pretty clumsy at times.

The sound is also mid-range. But the characters are very diverse, especially in appearance, every little detail reveals an abnormality to help Reaper to guess their personality. The context does not need to be too focused, but the character must be delicate and deep enough. That’s what Peace, Death! 2 towards.

MOD APK version of Peace, Death! 2

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

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In general, Peace, Death! 2 is a midcore turn-based logic game with a strange idea. When playing this game, you will meditate on many things about life, the next life, cause and effect, and the present. Let’s play and feel.

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