Phigros v1.6.9 MOD APK + OBB (All Unlocked) for Android

Phigros MOD APK (Songs Unlocked) version has unlocked all the songs. You can download and install this game and start immersing yourself in the best music experiences on Android.

Introduce about Phigros

Phigros gives players great music experiences. However, recently the game has been evaluated by users that the introduction is too wordy and cannot be skipped. But overall, Phigros offers a journey of melody and light discovery for who loves music.

New rhythm game for Android

Previously, we introduced you to some popular rhythm games such as Cytus II, Magic Tiles 3 and Piano Tiles 2. The overall goal of them is to collect musical notes as they appear. Phigros is not an exception. While the notes are continuously moving from top to bottom, you’ll use one of four actions: touch, hold, slide, and flick to play the song. Until the end, the notes become sparse and the rhythm goes off, you win.

However, Phigros is not as simple as that. The bottom line of the game is that you need to keep the line in the center of the screen. If you skip some notes, the stage may continue, but these notes will push the line down. When the line hits the bottom of the screen, you lose and have to play again.

Overall, Phigros knows how to create challenges to players. Initially, the rhythm speed is quite slow, making you feel this game is very simple. But when it comes to the chorus of the song, or those with a faster tempo, the notes appear dense. You need to increase your clicking speed so that you don’t get left behind.

Furthermore, the line will constantly reverse or tilt and rotate when the notes are impacted on the two sides. This will make you more confused. Therefore, please limit such situations from happening.

In addition, Phigros also rates the player’s skill through rating points. You can observe your score after the game screen. It is concluded based on the proportion of notes that you have played, with three levels: excellent, good, or bad.

Enjoy every beat

Undeniably, the sound in the music game is the most important factor. Players are probably only happy and relaxed when they can create their own sound quality and sharpness. Phigros has achieved this factor. The sound system is closely simulated to reality, integrated into music and songs in the deep way. While playing Phigros, you will feel like you are like a talented guitarist.

Currently, Phigros has up to 25 tracks from different genres. All have been licensed and copyrighted from top musicians around the world. In general, you will be immersed in the Phigros music space, with fun and many levels of emotion.

What’s new in the latest update?

Phigros development team is still working hard. They have added two new singles to the game, including Starduster and Parallel Retrogression. In the future, you may still receive other new content.

In addition, the sound adjustment feature has also been added. You can adjust the sound strength, volume and some other effects in the settings.

Vivid effects for each track

Let your eyes enjoy a beautiful feast. The effects in Phigros are designed in great detail, with a combination of two modern styles and block art. They are gently produced when the melodies and notes are played.

Furthermore, the game also includes beautiful anime characters. You will unlock pictures and novels about cute anime boys and girls.

MOD APK version of Phigros

MOD feature

Sóng Unlocked: Phigros is a free game, but not really. Some content requires players to pay, and pay through Google Payments. Do not worry. Premium content is unlocked in the MOD version. Download Phigros MOD on APKMODY and play the music you love!

Download Phigros MOD APK for Android

Phigros is one of those fun music games that you shouldn’t miss out on. It has lots of high-quality music, licensed by composers around the world. Forget about your boring times. Phigros will have you having fun, taking you on a unique musical adventure!

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