Pony City 13.38 MOD APK (Unlimited Gems)

Pony City MOD APK is a true game for dragon lovers as it is full of lovely colorful dragons. The game explores the magical world with colorful colors. It has high entertainment elements and an endless collection of pet dragons.

Introduce about Pony City

Let’s build a dream city with the Baby Dragon!

Dragon, Pony, and Unicorn, these three concepts combine into one in Pony City

Before talking about the game, let’s talk about Unicorn, Pony, and Dragon first.

A unicorn is a mythical creature that looks like a horse but has a spiral-shaped horn in the center of its forehead. Unicorns are mentioned in many Greek myths, appearing in the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Unicorns are considered wild animals. They possess their pure blood and healing magic horns; so, they have become a symbol of grace and erudition. Legend has it that only a virgin can tame a Unicorn.

Meanwhile, Pony is considered a small horse breed. Pony has different meanings depending on the context. In the modern world, ponies are simply horses with a mane but not yet mature enough as a mature horse. They are larger than an adult dog but smaller than the parent horse. In the world of games and animation, Pony is the word used to call fairy horses. They have a horse’s body, a mane, four legs, and wings to fly and their mane is colorful with different spells. You can see them in the famous animated series My Little Pony.

And Dragon, a summoned beast that appears in Eastern and Western mythology. They have extraordinary power. They can call rain and wind and they are symbols of the Sea Dragon Kings, the lord of the great seas. In some places, people think that the Dragon is actually just a small dinosaur, a mix of a horse and a flying dinosaur, not a completely fictional creature. There are quite a few opposing views and thoughts about Dragons.

Why do I need to talk about these three species here? Because I think, Pony city is where these three concepts merge into one, where a species will resemble Pony a little in color, resemble Unicorn in sublime purity, and resemble Dragon in extraordinary strength.

About Pony City

This is a game for those who love one of the three mystical creatures mentioned above. In the mythical world, this special species thrives, lives in peace with humans, and builds rich cities together.

In the game, you play as a mage who controls a dragon. You have a mission to explore the wonderful colorful world with your lovely Dragon-Pony. You will create places called Water Habitat, Fire Habitat… like portable cages, to nurture these interesting creatures to grow well, giving them different habitats. Your Dragon-Pony can freely roam around, have fun, and eat as much as they want.

Take care of your Pony

When growing up with baby dragons, you also need to pay close attention to each breed. Use gold coins obtained when searching resources to continuously upgrade key varieties. The faster they grow, the more they can help you.

Each Dragon-Pony, depending on the breed, will have different characteristics. Shapes, colors, interests, upbringing, and abilities will also be different. For example, the Fire breed can only grow in the Fire Habitat environment and when grown, it will be able to help you use fire to fight other wild animals in this mysterious world.

And when they are big, they will accompany you to build the city of Pony more and more majestic. Some species will specialize in collecting gold coins and resources, some will specialize in buildings, and some species will protect the city by directly participating in battles against monsters that destroy the city from outside. The turn-based combat mechanism in Pony City is a bit slow but overall, it is quite interesting.

In my opinion, the money-making point of this game probably lies in the combination of many forms of gameplay. Corresponding to the functions of the dragon, you will have the same number of things to do. And so, the process of building, fighting, protecting, and expanding the force will continue until the city becomes rich, vast, and developed dramatically.

MOD APK version of Pony City

MOD feature

Unlimited Gems

Download Pony City APK & MOD for Android

The game has cute graphics, light colors, fun gameplay, not much drama but many genres. You can do many things in one game. Pony City will definitely bring you hours of comfortable entertainment.

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