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Portal is priced at $ 9.99 on Google Play. You can download the APK and OBB files of this game for free on our website.

Introduce about Portal

Portal is a first-person puzzle game. At first glance, this game is quite picky about players, but its gameplay and content are designed in a new direction, creating an attraction for players and making them feel like they are in an art space.

In fact, Portal is very popular. Its first release from 2007, on popular console platforms like Windows, Xbox 360 and PS 3. Android is the “last stop” of this game, it sells on Google Play for $ 9.99.


The portal has a number of standout features, and the plot is the first part we’ll explore. The game revolves around a female character named Chell. She accidentally becomes an experimentalist on a malicious artificial intelligence project, at the space science station operated by GLaDOS. The experiments involved testing a new weapon called The Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device. This weapon can create a portal that allows people to teleport to a new location in an instant.

After one exhaustion, Chell woke up to find that she was in danger. GLaDOS is trying to kill her by pushing her down the fire. But luckily, Chell has a gun that creates a portal. This is something that GLaDOS did not expect, and it helped the heroine survive. Now you need to help Chell escape to save her life.


In the Portal, you will control the protagonist Chell, use the D-pad button to navigate her through the labs in this dangerous space science center.

Each stage in the game corresponds to one area and one laboratory. There is only one door to Chell escape. You will have to search for hidden switches, activate them sequentially in order to find the door. Of course, the portal gun is crucial. You will have to learn how to use this weapon to dodge dangerous traps in the laboratory.

In order to escape the base, Chell must destroy the GLaDOS. He is the AI that controls the entire science station and the laboratory. The brain organs of GLaDOS are distributed everywhere. Passing the laboratories, you can destroy him and escape this dangerous place.


In addition to the story single-player mode, Portal unlocks a number of new modes as you progress through some of special progressions.

Specifically, they are challenge mode, advanced mode and cooperation mode. The cooperative mode adds the appearance of some new characters. The other two modes are single-player, which involves solving puzzles in the lab with a higher challenge. That means the lab has more deadly traps like guns, poisons, bombs and lasers.

How far can you go on this dangerous journey?

The content of Portal is quite long and detailed. In particular, the game is seamlessly designed, without any cutscenes. Therefore, you will experience the story fully and continuously. Portal doesn’t have a lot of guidance. You will have to find a lot of ways to solve the puzzle of the game. Searching for the exit door, for example, you will wonder how do you destroy the GLaDOS part while it is hanging overhead? Using portal guns and combined with other widgets on the map, you can do that.

Portal requires players to have a little bit of creativity and imagination. If not, players will struggle to find the solution.


One thing that I am extremely impressed is the graphics. If you’ve ever experienced it or watched the official trailer from the publisher, you may have noticed that Portal’s graphics are very beautiful. It is designed in detail on a 3D graphics platform. It is worth mentioning that the release from 2007, when the technology has not really developed yet, Valve has created a great game with detailed graphics, realistic and beautiful.

Download Portal APK for Android

Portal is the first release in the first series of Valve. The opening gun for this blockbuster game series has received a lot of attention from gamers for later versions. And now you don’t need a bulky console device to play Portal anymore. Just download the APK and OBB files for free on APKMODY, you can experience the full game on your Android device.

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