Power Painter v1.18.0 (MOD, Free shopping , Unlimited Money)

Power Painter MOD APK is a tower defense game of ChimpWorks. In the game, you will need to match the colored cannons to fight the monster bubbles. Sounds like a lot of things mixed in one and nothing interesting at first? Yeah, don’t play unless you want to be addicted like me. Hix

Introduce about Power Painter

Merge Tower Defense Game

As a “strange food” in the “game forest” which is increasingly complex and expensive

Amidst the various kinds of complex 3D-graphic games, there are a few game genres that are still steadfast in their original values, providing players with truly refreshing entertainment time. There is neither pressure on the mission and passing scenes nor burden on the shoulder of the character of which you play the role. You just have to do your own work: focusing on playing and relieving your stress. After that, go back to work and no need to worry about anything. Sounds simple, right? But the addictive substance is from this originality because we know that, after work, all you need in a mobile entertainment world is comfort!

Power Painter is one of the games following that demand and it’s completely free.

Power Painter MOD APK download


Power Painter is both a tower defense and a tactical game

It is correct to say that Power Painter is a tower defense game. The structure in the game is a large table with 4 corners where your weapons are located. Your important task is to defend and lock the attack directions of the enemy.

Power Painter is a strategy game? No wrong! I will tell you the reason. Everything may look like a joke but to truly defeat all kinds of enemies, you must be very focused and thoughtful. The game itself also offers implicit difficulties for players. For example, the Power Painter does not have a series of available turrets, we have to find a way to strengthen our weapons by finding and pairing cannons of the same level together. Of course, the higher the turrets are, the stronger the attack is and the faster the attack speed.

Once assembled and put turrets into position, you can rest assured that every turret has the ability to rotate 360 ​​degrees, so you are free to find the enemy to fight. Finding, assembling the cannons and choosing the appropriate placement are a tactical work. And this is just one of the stages that you need to use your mind, there are a lot more ones behind, especially when going into higher scenes.

To say Power Painter is an object-fusion game is also true. As in the above example, one of the big difficulties of the player is to quickly combine the same-level cannons. Because the enemy pours out like rain, and they become stronger and more dangerous. There are bubbles that you must shoot many hits to kill, some of them hide and appear immediately like ghosts, very unpredictable. In case you think and act slowly, even if there are 4 fortresses in 4 corners, you will quickly be cornered.

And only when totally completing a level will you be able to go to the second one in which many hotter weapons are waiting for you. Otherwise, game over, or just stay there and play.

Please be noted that, like a typical strategy game. At the end of each level there is always a boss waiting to kill you. To kill this friend, you need to focus 200% and put all 4 turrets in the four corners together to fire together.

Who called bosses are not easy to defeat, they can do many things you mostly unpredict like giving birth to a series of “small babies” to mess up your very condensed squad combat; fire back into 4 turrets, or maybe bounce bombs to break up your squad. Failure may come at any time, be very careful.

An entertaining game to play, but how long you can last in it is unknown

Although manipulation in the game is simply a matter of touching and selecting to pair the cannons with the same number (level) together, then touch the fully assembled gun to fire the bubble. However, with the increasing frequency of ghostly bubbles and the screen getting more and more confused with everything appearing at the same time, including our side and the enemy side. It is very difficult to maintain the performance and keep the “stronghold”.

I still want you to think this is a pure entertainment game, but before you play, remember to keep calm if you don’t want to drop the phone because of the cruel failures.

Yes, it is fun to play. But how long can you play? Nobody knows.

Graphics and sound

No need to worry about this. Beautiful colors, color explosion effects and fireworks are perfect. The movement of each item in the game is smooth and I love it. The sound is exciting, modern and I love it too. One more thing I love is bright colors are vibrant and filled with an atmosphere of combat. Well, to be honest, there are no complaints with this unique game.

MOD APK version of Power Painter

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


You have a lot of money after kill one ball.

Download Power Painter APK & MOD for Android

Hm, just want to remind you again. Play it and you will be addicted. But how many scenes you can go through depends on yourself.

Now, let’s download the game to play!

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