Prison Escape 1.1.6 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Have you ever experienced the thrill of prison escape? Sure no. LOL. Watching the movie is not enough, Prison Escape MOD APK will help you really feel a series of sweaty moments in this difficult situation.

Introduce about Prison Escape

Experience the thrill of every second


Prison Escape is a story about a “prison escape boss”. You are a prisoner who is facing the death penalty. In the short time remaining, you must find a perfect escape plan and execute it yourself to escape and find justice.

It is a rare topic in games. I think it is because there are many political reasons for this. But above all, it is probably because it is too difficult to do it well. Moreover, it is hard to attract players when the scene is boring with the four walls of the prisons. The character can’t “dress up” or change the weapon like in many other fighting games. In such games, you will just wear a prisoner’s shirt and fight with bare hands or some homemade weapons. The last reason may be because this is not just a simple duel, but also a psychological battle, which requires a tight strategy and anticipating the dangers that await. This is not what any game developer can do and not what everyone gets attracted to.

Probably before deciding to make this game, the producer had a lot of ideological struggles. Make a game everyone wants to play but too common or make a game picky but unique? Finally, thanks to their choosing the second part, we have Prison Escape to play and experience.

Graphics and sound

The entire Prison Escape uses a pretty good 3D animation, context, and motion simulation system. My impressions with some hand-to-hand combat or environment interacting phases are in two words: realistic and accurate. You know. It’s boring to play a simulation game with too meager actions. Prison Escape is nothing short of disappointing from the first look to the more complex action phases later.

The gloomy space only surrounds the cell. And the people also only have two types of clothes. One is prison guard clothes, and the other is prison clothes. But in return, the character creation is good, each person has their own features and good expression. Thanks to that, the excitement in the game is pushed up.

The ragdoll effect (which is fully utilized throughout the game) is also a way to increase the virtual reality of Prison Escape. When hitting and knocking down the opponent, he falls, surprisingly realistically. So even if it’s just a bare-handed battle, you will still feel really satisfied.


Most of the big scenes in Prison Escape are third-person action-packed fight scenes. You know, hand-to-hand combat is the main thing, alternating with it is stealth attacks and you will use home-made rudimentary weapons (such as knives, sticks, batons…) to resist and attack.

A very good point is that the main character is a meddler although he is a prisoner. The proof is that in the game, he has a lot of work to do. He protests those who bully prisoners or resists abusive prison guards… When he really determines to escape from the cell, he can learn various details. These details are helpful for the escape. Like avoiding the guard’s eyes to sneak into a dark corner, running through the line of guards to move from one cell to another…

Each of these jobs is in the form of single tasks which are logically connected to each other. What amazes me is the smooth transition between tasks. It doesn’t make me uncomfortable, disjointed, but always feel that everything makes sense. All are developments in the guy’s prison escape plan.

During the game, you will constantly interact with the characters and the environment around you, like killing bullies in prison to gain respect and help from other prisoners or secretly using rough tools to dig a tunnel to escape from prison.

Due to such a mix of missions, actions, and communication methods, it is difficult to name a single genre for Prison Escape. Calling it an action game is correct because there are many hand-to-hand combat scenes or sneak attacks here. Calling it a survival simulation is also correct because you have to do many things from nothing to get what you want; the most important thing is to keep alive in the little time left. Or calling it adventure role-playing is not wrong. Because obviously, here you play the role of a guy who plans to escape from prison, and you will overcome many difficult traps to do so.

MOD APK version of Prison Escape

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In short, if you like the topic of prison escape and want to play 3D simulation games, there are enough “background elements” for you to come to Prison Escape. Play for a new experience. It can be said to be the first game of such genre in the world of mobile games. It is a good game with strange topics, logical tasks, and situations that are constantly thrilling. It is really worth a try, guys!

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