Prison Life RPG 1.6.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Prison Life RPG MOD APK is a role-playing game that combines survival simulation and roguelike elements. The graphics are quite humorous, the diverse and attractive situations require players to constantly move and find the weirdest way to achieve the goal.

Introduce about Prison Life RPG

As a prisoner, do you choose to be diligent in re-education or break out of a sophisticated prison?


Playing the role of a prisoner, you will have to survive by all tricks and finally find a way to escape. The game is as simple as that, but the series of difficult situations brought to the player are countless, making many hours of experience extremely good.

In the prison setting, life seems very difficult. You must do a lot of things to stay alive. Like the films of similar themes that you may have seen, the prisoner with the best will and a little bit of luck will have the hope of living well, and even escaping from this hell. Specifically, our character will need to focus on physical exercise, build relationships, find allies, defeat enemies well, gamble to collect money to bribe guards and prison wardens. Such constant effort can lead your character to two endings in the game. One is to get leniency for good rehabilitation and outstanding achievements compared to fellow prisoners. The second is to plan your escape from prison.

Prison Life RPG MOD by APKMODY


Bold role-playing elements

Prison Life RPG has more than 100 prisoners for players to freely interact with. Of course, there are friends, enemies, and bystanders. But with whoever, you can have fun, memorable conversations and find different clues to your decisions. Especially, in those 100 characters, you can play any of them to conduct your survival.

A series of conversations take place and characters keep appearing. The player not only acquires the skills of his prisoner but also must memorize all the details in this series of dialogues. You see, Prison Life RPG is not simple and fast-paced from the first minute.

In the game’s 100 characters, each has a different name, appearance, personality, and life purpose. Depending on who you choose to play, you will have a different way of conducting your survival. And no matter who you play, you will have 18 skills to learn, and you can collect and craft more than 80 items to serve your goals. More than 126 different nicknames can be earned while being a prisoner here. If you wish, you can also be active enough to experience more than 20 different types of work during the prison rehabilitation process. These impressive numbers are enough to show that the investment in the role-playing element of Prison Life RPG is extremely large, which is enough to provide lasting excitement for any player.

Freedom and Survival go hand in hand in Prison Life RPG

You can do whatever you want, as long as it doesn’t bring danger or threaten your survival. Watch TV, read books, listen to music, call grandma, learn all necessary skills, make your gadgets, bet, flirt with the beautiful doctor, bribe the guards. Or any conceited attitude is acceptable, as long as the survival stats are preserved. When you get bullied, you can protest; you take sides; you resent it when it’s your turn to wash the toilets; you can even hit others when given the opportunity, or you simply walk around and do not pay attention to anyone.

In the game, depending on how the player reacts, you can choose to join 4 large gangs in the prison. Once selected, you need to strive constantly to climb to the highest positions in the ranks of the gang. The higher the position, the higher the ability to win allies and “tell others to listen”. Along with 18 rich skills and a series of collected tools, your reputation will soar and at some point, there will be many people supporting and silently helping you. Then the prison escape is more likely to succeed.

Prison Life RPG is the land for you to freely do anything craziest. Remember, you must be alive and live well. Anywhere in the prison can appear threats, other prisoners are competitive and ready to kill you at any time. Allies suddenly turn around, insult you, beat you, and even beat you up with the help of the other sides. Any situation can happen. You must be very alert. You will die over and over again. But don’t worry, after each time like that, the amount of experience accumulated is enough for you to go on longer to have new random experiences.

Choose the path you want to go

You can choose the attitude and path for your character in the following two directions. One is to re-educate well, to abide by all the rules and regulations here with the hope that one day they will receive a lenient order from the prison for your good behavior. The second is to actively plan to escape from prison.

If you choose the first path, you do not need to work hard. Just do your job well and preserve the survival stats. But how long to play to be lenient, no one knows.

Way number two is more proactive. You can decide your own life without waiting for luck. But to escape from prison, you will need a lot of preparation, material, mental, health, and a series of necessary tools.

There are many ways to escape from prison. The simplest way is to gather all the necessary tools and use your sharp mind to smoothly execute the plan. To serve the prison escape process, you will need to have dozens of necessary items, tools, internal and external support from guards and prisoners, nurses, and doctors (of course you must deal with them first). You can also recruit up to 7 allied prisoners to support your sophisticated escape. All these meticulous preparations will consume you many hours of continuous excitement. Experience in Prison Life RPG is simple but will never let you down.

MOD APK version of Prison Life RPG

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

How to use the MOD version?

The first time you open the game, you choose Load Game to continue playing the available Profile with a lot of money.

Download Prison Life RPG APK & MOD for Android

The game combines many genres, simple 2D cartoon-style graphics, and fluent humorous dialogue. Both role-playing and survival simulation or roguelike are bold in Prison Life RPG. It is well worth the experience, my friends!

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