Prizefighters 2 MOD APK v1.08.1 (Premium, Money, Skills)

Prizefighters 2 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) is a boxing sports game produced by Koality Game. If you are stressed after a tiring, frustrating working day or after experiencing something bad, this is a game that helps you relax.

Introduce about Prizefighters 2

Koality Game is a passionate game developer team, not for business. Their games are mainly designed with simple pixel graphics. The main theme is sports, they want to create fun games with this theme to help players relax instead of creating competition like other games. That is what makes their brand special.

A fun pixel boxing game for Android

Join Prizefighters 2, you will be transformed into a boxer and fight with opponents. You absolutely can choose any martial artist for yourself like Andrew Tanaka, Calvin Hopkins, Eric Camacho, … Your only task in the ring is to defeat the opponent with your fists.

The control of this game is quite complicated, the screen will be divided into 2, each half will have 5 squares, ignoring two separate squares, the remaining 2 big squares are divided into 4. Four squares left side of the screen are the buttons to move forward, back, dodge left and right blow. The left side is the attack button. The two separate squares are the defense button, when you hold them at the same time, your character will take a stance and block the opponent’s attack. In addition, the game also allows you to control type to Swipe and Touch, which means you will swipe and tap the screen.

Use skills to help you create a critical punch

All gladiators are trained in stamina and resistance, so the basic attack only causes them to lose a little health, you need to use skill points to hit the fatal blow. It could be a powerful wing punch or a jaw hook. When you attack an opponent, the skill points below the health bar will increase. Hold down an attack button to strike a skill, each hit will consume 1 skill energy pot.

Freely design your boxer and ring

Although it is a highly entertaining game, the publisher also wants to let you unleash your creativity with the customize feature. Usually, to use these features, you will have to unlock the Premium version, but Koality Game has developed this feature and let you use it for free. You can edit the arena, string color, and arena style to change the rules of the game. In addition, you can also edit the appearance of your boxers. Let’s create a cool look for him!

Fight with tactics will help you defeat your opponents

First, keep yourself on the defensive so that you don’t get hit by your opponent. After the opponent unleashes a blow, quickly unleash your punch, because after the blow the opponent will take some time off to return to the defensive state so the opponent will not be able to dodge the attack. Next, you should combine basic attacks and skill attacks to create a combo that both increases the number of skill points, and can cause more damage to the enemy.

Unique pixel graphics

All of Koality Game titles are designed with unique pixel graphics. Compared to Prizefighters 1, in this part, the graphics have been significantly improved. Although both parts are view from a third perspective, in part 2, the characters are better designed. Not only that, but the animation is also much more realistic.


This is an early access version, version 0.5, so some features in the game are still incomplete and you cannot use it, such as the Career Fight feature. To update the latest information about this game, you can visit APKMODY regularly or join Discord of Koality Game.

MOD APK version of Prizefighters 2

MOD Feature

Premium Edition Unlocked

Why you should use Premium Edition version?

In Premium Edition, you can:

  • Customize tournaments before starting
  • Adjust the stats and appearance of all martial artists
  • Manage all aspects of the tournament
  • 10 storage slots

Download Prizefighters 2 MOD APK for Android

Prizefighters 2 is indeed a very wonderful and attractive game with fun graphics that attracts players. Not only that but also many other features for you to explore. Some features of the game are in development, promising to bring more interesting things. You can download the game via the links below the article. Do not forget to leave a review to support, help us be more motivated and update more interesting games.

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