Proton Bus Simulator Urbano v297 APK + MOD (All Unlocked)

Do you love driving? Do you love travelling by car? You want to go to many places, see life through the glass window? PrProton Bus Simulator Urbano MOD APK is a game that can help you realize those dreams right from the first mission. Currently, the game is releasing a completely free BETA version. You can download the game via the link below. But first, let me find out some information about this great simulation game.

Introduce about Proton Bus Simulator Urbano

Proton Bus Simulator Urbano is a bus driving simulation game released by MEP. The game gives you the real experience of a bus driver. Taking their journey, you can see the difficulties of being a bus driver. We need to thank the drivers. They are responsible for the safety of thousands of passengers every day.


If you’ve played many racing games like Asphalt 8, don’t rush to rate this as a boring game. Of course, as a bus driver, you cannot drive at 300 km/h with the goal of becoming the No 1 racer. In this case, passenger safety is your number 1 priority. You need to pick them up at the bus stop, then take passengers to their desired places safely.

Safety does not mean being slow. Don’t forget, time is an important element of any driver. You cannot leave your passengers late for a meeting or skip an exam just because you went the wrong way or drive too slowly. You need to master all the traffic rules, operate a bus and the skills of a driver. Although not as fast-paced as racing games, each of your actions must be precise so that the bus moves exactly the way you want while avoiding other small vehicles on the road.

Interface and graphics

Proton Bus Simulator has a simple and intuitive console. It is quite similar to Bus Simulator: Ultimate. There are not many control keys on the left side of your screen, you can adjust the direction and angle of view by touching the screen on the left. On the right side, things are more complicated. There are many control keys corresponding to many functions of a bus, including turn signals, accelerator pedal, brake, horn… There is no formula to help you win. You need to combine the buttons smoothly to drive the car in the direction you want and improving your ability to drive after every journey.

Proton Bus Simulator has detailed and very realistic 3D graphics. The transport system is also designed in detail with objects such as roads, traffic lights, signs, trees, maps, buildings in the city, … On the journey, you have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery on either side on the road. Besides, weather effects such as sunshine, rain, snow, fog and day and night cycles make your experience more realistic.

By touching the camera icon in the left corner of the screen, you can hide the entire control keys. As a result, your phone screen displays 100% as the view of the driver. It gives you a great and realistic experience. There are no ads, no logos that affect your experience.

Note. This is a game for smartphones and tablets with large RAM, requiring at least 1G RAM. You cannot play this game with a 512M RAM phone. If you use a 2G RAM phone, you can choose some advanced settings. If your device has low RAM memory, the game may be closed during playing.

Comply with traffic laws

Proton Bus Simulator is an open world simulation game. Although this is an unreal world, that doesn’t mean you can do everything you want. If you violate traffic laws like pass a red light or going on the wrong lane, you could be fined. The safety of many passengers depends on you. Drive carefully and standards. Customer trust will help you get more passengers, so you can make more money.

The map of the game includes many cities and different countries. The developer always updates the map, bus, graphics and some other features. Players can unlock new content after completing a number of missions. This is a free game, but some features and content require you to pay to unlock. You can pay to support the developer, or use a simpler way, which is downloading our Proton Bus Simulator.

Customize your bus

Proton Bus Simulator offers you a wide range of bus models with beautiful interiors. They are modelled from advanced real-life buses like Hyundai Universe Noble, Trecomeco… Do you like a pink bus with Hello Kitty motif? By customizing the paint colors, you can create models with unprecedented styling.

MOD APK version of Proton Bus Simulator Urbano

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

Download Proton Bus Simulator Urbano APK & MOD for Android

Overall, Proton Bus Simulator is a must-have game on your phone if you are a fan of driving simulation games. This game gives you the real experience of being a bus driver. Not only is the game, but you can also learn a lot of experience in driving and some traffic lessons while playing this great game.

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