Pumped BMX 3 MOD APK v1.0.9 (Paid) for Android

In the world of mobile games, some genres rank as legends. That means there are many games about it, many different genres, and ways to play. And players never cease to be excited when playing those game genres. Pumped BMX 3 APK is one of the games that has done a great job of blowing a new breath into an already legendary game genre. Let’s see what it is.

Introduce about Pumped BMX 3

Ride through sets of jumps pulling off crazy stunts!

Pumped BMX 3 from publisher Noodlecake Studios Inc, is an adventure racing game. Thrilling racing phases can be said to be one of the “immortal” ideas in mobile games. The number of adventure racing games must be said to be thousands, yet it is still very favorable. Because the idea may be the same, but the image and style of each game are different.

Typical of which is Pumped BMX 3.

Some impressive numbers about this game

Before going into detail about gameplay, I want to tell you some numbers of Pumped BMX 3 so you can see how special this game is:

  • Pumped BMX 3 has 720 challenges with 60 different levels
  • 24 skills for you to show your skillful driving skills
  • 15 optional characters, these drivers are all top racers in the world like speed lord Chase Hawk or engineering master Dennis Enarson. Corresponding to their own abilities, they will be able to customize the car slightly to suit their racing style.
  • There are two different ways to play. One is that racing to score requires always doing stunts and taking time to research new skills. The second is the “no” mode, just relax, drifting with the colorful colors available in the game.

Do the aforementioned numbers make you curious? But as for me, right from the moment I read the description of this game’s features on Google Play, I was very excited and wanted to play this game right away.

A rare adventure racing game with a huge number of levels and every level is very difficult

As I said earlier, if you want to compete and race with the score, you must immediately choose the challenge mode of this game. And I also want to tell you that the challenge in Pumped BMX 3 is very difficult. Not only skillful control is enough, but you also need to be quick with your eyes, choose the right moment to “fly” to get through each arduous game scene in the game.

Your task in Pumped BMX 3 is not to have expensive supercars but just… a bicycle. Yes, you didn’t hear me wrong, it’s just a bicycle. So there’s no rattling gas, roaring muffler, or whirring acceleration and stuff… You’ll just have silk handlebars, a brave heart, a fearless head, and a miserable bike.

So you have to take advantage of the terrain to get gliding. Every steep slope is different, so let choose the right time, gain momentum, launch high, somersault, break to go further through the swamp, run faster to get overhill… The thrill of Pumped BMX 3 will come when you get used to the gameplay and control. The first 1-2 levels are very easy and then going to level 4-5, everything starts to become tense, heart-pressure, and inhibited many times over. The real challenge from here.

No top-notch graphics but still very attractive to players

Many reviewers of the Pumped BMX 3 have no graphics advantage. Yes, that’s true. The images in the game are designed quite sketchy, moving at an average level. But what makes everyone passionate about the game remember the great falls of the racers. The fact that you overcome obstacles, show all your skills to survive is nothing to say. But of course, you will not be like that for long because the game is inherently quite weird and difficult. So hilarious falls will make you more relaxed when playing the game.

In return for the graphics, the game has quite eye-catching play scenes. Cartoon design style with lovely bright colors makes it very marvelous. On that rather fanciful background, the combat skills of the racer you are controlling will have the opportunity to manifest and shine. In particular, the number of levels is up to hundreds, but each scene is completely different. There are up to 720 different scenes, which is a large number that not all games can do.

The secret to all levels in Pumped BMX 3 is that with the available terrain, you have to make full use of the heights to give you the speed you need to perform the flying, tossing, and acrobatic stunts overhead. That means you need to choose the right time. At some point, at the top of the slope, you have to press the button to accelerate to maximum and reach the highest peak in a moment. That tick is hard for players, and not everyone can know this seemingly simple secret.

Download Pumped BMX 3 APK free for Android

Although graphics are not a strength, with all the advantages of gameplay, difficulty (but logic), and many different scenes, currently on the common ground of mobile games, few can match. If you want to have fun challenging yourself to the top obstacle racing, let play Pumped BMX 3.

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