Radio Commander APK + OBB v1.426 (MOD, All Unlocked)

If you love war-themed games, please download and install Radio Commander APK . Become a soldier and experience the chaos of war.

Introduce about Radio Commander

Radio Commander is a tactical role-playing game from the publisher Games Operators S.A. This game allows you to become intelligence soldiers on the battlefield. You will lead the US platoons involved in the Vietnam war in the mid-20th century.

Violence, racism, cruelty, and vulgarity, Radio Commander faithfully portrays the harsh realism of the pointless war. The game contains some recordings that may not be suitable for people under the age of 16.


In Radio Commander, you will play the role of a radio intelligence soldier nicknamed “Papa Bear”, commanding two armies Alpha and Bravo at the old tent away from the front line, along with radio and a map of the area. Your mission is to put information about the location of the unit, the enemy, the neutral, then on the map and broadcast the radio to the army. Give precise commands and try to minimize casualties for your platoon.

The radio in Radio Commander is capable of handling simple commands. Use the SPACEBAR to turn on the radio, press the number of units for which you want to receive reports or issue commands.

When detecting enemies or suspicious movements, units will contact each other. On a map, units are denoted by symbols and you can see them moving close together. After the contacts are confirmed, the machine will automatically ping the coordinates of the last seen platoon. You can check it by clicking on the radio message record. Place markers of enemy troops to track their movement, if something is unusual you can promptly notify your platoon.

During the battle, you will be provided with the necessary information such as the number of people wounded, the status of the army, the resupply of bullets and the location of the enemy. In case of an emergency, you can take over the commander and announce everyone to evacuate.

Simulate the war in a realistic way

Not doing the fighting phase like other games, but Radio Commander still offers intense battles, simulating the tense atmosphere of war.

Radio Commander sometimes displays false information, which can be easily distracted you if you don’t really pay attention. Therefore, when preparing to do a bombing, you must check and make sure there are no troops in that area.

Not only dry announcements, but you can also chat with your teammates through the radio. Listen to the soldiers’ stories of life at home, where friends and loved ones are waiting for them. Radio Commander has done a great job at building the feeling of being real people. They are just soldiers who dream of a peaceful life, that they never voluntarily participate in this meaningless war.

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Campaign customization

You can completely build your campaign as you like. Radio Commander allows you to increase or decrease the difficulty/realism of each battle.

The game has many dangerous situations such as radio malfunction, wrong coordinates, loss of soldiers, helping you to have more thrilling experiences, more interesting. In addition, this customizable feature also makes it easy for newbies to access somewhat troublesome management of Radio Commander.


Radio Commander is designed in 3D style with extremely meticulous and detailed context.

What I like most about Radio Commander is that when I stop looking at the map for a few minutes, I can see soldiers moving around the base. I can even feel the noise of aeroplanes humming overhead and the sound of bullets and gunshots in the distance.

How to install Radio Commander APK + OBB

Please check out this here.

Download Radio Commander APK for Android

This game gives you the real experience of war. If you are interested in war games, especially Radio Commander, you can immediately download this game from the link below to feel the chaos and devastation of war.

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