Relic Warrior 3D 7.1 MOD APK(Unlimited Money)

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Introduce about Relic Warrior 3D

The story

Relic Warrior 3D tells about the journey to find the lost sister of the knight named Autelan. The world is in chaos as the demon king escapes hell with the demons. During the run, his sister Shirley was hunted down and kidnapped by the demon king. When Autelan heard the news, he rushed to find his sister, along with the goal of defeating the demon king, regaining the inherent peace for the kingdom.


Relic Warrior 3D is considered a game with similar gameplay to MU Online. You will explore a vast world, full of deadly challenges and dangers.

The game has a plot system, and you will discover content while performing a series of missions. The NPCs are the ones who show the directions and lead the story. They will lead you to different regions of the world, discovering new stories. However, you will have to help them destroy a variety of monsters or find the required items.


Characters in Relic Warrior 3D are designed in detail. He has a health indicator bar and an MP indicator bar. When he performs special combat skills, MP is depleted. And you will have to add more MP for him to continue fighting. MP bottles are very popular. They are sold in stores, or you can pick up from monsters that drop every time they are defeated.


In terms of gameplay, Relic Warrior 3D has the characteristics of the MMORPG genre. Monsters appear pervasive and they tend to attack when humans are spotted. You can run past them, or stop to destroy the horde. Defeating monsters gives the experience points to level up, and sometimes rare equipment or support items.

The monsters in the game are really diverse. You will encounter stronger types and have more HP when the character is on a higher level. But in return, they bring more experience and higher attribute equipment.

In addition, bosses often appear on the map. They have a giant body with very high damage attacks. You can find them based on flashing lights on the map. But, you should prepare a health regeneration item with an upgraded sword and armor.

Upgrade your weapons

MuKnightJourney’s upgrade system helps you increase the strength of your character.

Weapons and armor are the two most important pieces of equipment. They can be maximized to level 13. You can perform upgrades in your backpack as soon as you have enough ingredients, without having to go to another NPC. This is really convenient, saving you time on the move while you can better prepare for the upcoming battle.


Initially, the character has only one basic skill that is auto-attack. But as you go through more stories and moves up to a higher level, he gets the chance to learn new skills, with a much higher zone of effect and damage.

It can be said that in an MMORPG like Relic Warrior 3D, skill is very important. It helps the character unleash the full power of the weapon, along with the equipment has been upgraded before. Possessing a powerful skill, performing the task becomes easier and faster, and at the same time helps the character go further in the journey to destroy the demon king.


The game’s graphics are built on Unity Engine technology. Scenes and 3D objects are designed in detail. Along with that are magic light effects, creating a very eye-catching feeling when the character performs special skills.

Overall, Relic Warrior 3D is highly regarded in terms of graphics. It feels real, and works smoothly, even on low-end devices.

MOD APK version of Relic Warrior 3D

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: Accessing the Shop icon at the top of the screen, you can buy premium items for free, even if you have 0 diamonds.

Download Relic Warrior 3D MOD & APK for Android

Relic Warrior 3D tells about the story about a warrior. He is on the journey to find his lost sister. He is brave, overcame many difficulties and dangers with the desire to be able to reunite with his only loved one. Not only that, but he also has a compassionate heart, risking himself to fight the demon king and bring a peaceful life to everyone. Do you want to adventure with him on this journey? Please install this game and experience it!

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