Returner 77 v1.0 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money / Gems)

If you’ve got a headache in the morning, feel free because you are not to be the main character in the mysterious puzzle game Returner 77 APK. Wake up after a long sleep in a frozen state, you find yourself stranded in a strange ship, and all your colleagues – also called Returners – are dead, except for one person: Colonel T. Ling. She’s there to guide you through the game, prompting you to swipe your hand to look around and click on the points to note in order to interact.

The story in the game

The story unfolds as you explore the science-fiction world of Returner 77. The story of this game is somewhat similar to the end of Captain America. When Steve Rogers drove the spacecraft to the north pole to avoid colliding with the city. A hundred years later, he is found frozen and alive due to his extraordinary powers. If you have seen this movie, feel this game too familiar.

From the perspective of the first person, you will begin the journey of exciting quizzes to get rid of the ship and finally return to Earth with the help of Ling.

The gameplay is quite familiar

If you have played any of The Room, you will feel the feeling of playing Returner 77 is quite familiar, and like a version of the outer space of The Room. These games have many things in common: the first person perspective creates a sense of immersion in the game, the interactive puzzle is designed smartly, and the visual design is impressive.

It can take days to figure out how to solve the puzzle.

Besides, the plot of Returner 77 is full of mystery and scary details. The story is led by Ms. Ling’s video diary and has since given more intricate details to an already mysterious world. Players will wonder: why do I wake up? Can you rely entirely on Ling? What are the powers of the ship?

With its engaging storyline, striking design and compelling puzzles, Returner 77 is the perfect debut of Fantastic, Yes from Copenhagen. This is really one of the best new and the most amazing games that we have played in the past.

Graphics harness the power of the device

Returner 77 is the perfect choice for those who want to experience the performance of their high-end mobile devices. This game has extremely detailed graphics, smoother effects, and vivid sounds … everything combines and creates incredible gameplay. In other words, the graphics of this game are the standard of mobile gaming graphics in the years to come.

As a quality product, Returner 77 will make any player to enjoy and play again and again this game. An easy-to-learn story, addictive gameplay, suitable for all ages and no ads are the words that I want to talk about this game.

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