Road Raid APK + MOD (Unlocked All)

Road Raid MOD APK is a Sokoban puzzle game from the publisher Euphoria Horror Games based on a post-apocalyptic world story. It is about zombies again, but this time, it is very different from what you’ve played. Hey crazy Sokoban fans, come here!

Introduce about Road Raid

Play Sokoban in a post-apocalyptic world!


In the game world, anything can happen. You used to be surprised by the old and unexpected combination like the combo Dragon Ball + card game on consoles in the past? Now you can be surprised again when you discover an equally unique combination: zombie + Sokoban puzzle in Road Raid. Let’s see what kind of attraction the publisher has brought in this game.

In Road Raid, you are Arthur, one of the lucky few survivors after the zombie epidemic which is believed to be caused by a failed flu vaccine. Everything comes so suddenly that you quickly fall into a situation of being alone looking for things to survive. You roam the streets, looking for food, drink, fuel, tools, means of communication, and weapons. And later, you will find other companions, survivors like you.


The perilous journey through this deadly world full of dangers is predicted to be long and arduous. But if you have a strong passion for the classic Sokoban puzzle games, Arthur’s adventure game will be easy to overcome. As for those who have never played Sokoban before, this may be an opportunity for you to have more motivation to learn this ancient and very intellectual subject.

Along the way, you constantly find your way through the Sokoban cells to find the items you are looking for or find a way to approach and kill a zombie or find items to upgrade the vehicle. You can do anything as long as you solve the increasingly difficult Sokoban puzzles through each level.

Your enemies are roads full of Sokoban puzzles along with undead waiting to be approached and killed or hostile fight raiders on the way. Whether it’s friend or foe, whether it’s an object or a person, you must overcome a Sokoban to reach it and deal with it.

A bit about Sokoban and Sokoban in Road Raid

Sokoban is a classic puzzle game being born so long ago that no one even knows exactly when. Your task in a piece of Sokoban is to push one (or several) square blocks over obstacles to reach the finish line. A Sokoban always has a form of a board consisting of many consecutive square blocks. Some square blocks need to be pushed to the destination (the number of target cells is the same as the number of square blocks). For each move, you can only push one block, and you cannot drag, launch, or push multiple blocks at the same time.

The principle of the Sokoban game is to avoid two situations: the number of moves exceeds the allowable number of turns and the situation of sticking to the wall. The situation of sticking to the wall is when the square block is pushed close to the wall and both sides of the wall are corners. That is, you cannot move the square block anymore, so this block is considered lost, unable to reach the correct destination unless the destination is this corner of the wall.

These principles and gameplay are the same as in the game Road Raid. It’s just a bit different that the square blocks no longer simply standstill there. After the first few episodes, you will find scattered in the squares on the road will appear many deadly obstacles such as a sharp saw blade rising and dropping randomly. You must take advantage when it drops to pass it or skillfully go between the two saw blades to pass the block.

Graphics and sound

To express the full power of the intense Sokoban phases, the publisher chose pixel graphics for this game. There is gore, there is combat, there is an adventure, there is a conversation that drives the plot. However, they are all not too much and do not get too much attention. The focus of the game is still on the Sokoban puzzle parts. Although the pixel graphics are minimalistic, they are enough to show all the gloomy and risky feelings in this post-apocalyptic world.

The sound is light and a bit dreary. However, it is still a very good background to highlight the importance of the puzzles, and at the same time, enough to bring excitement to the players when passing a level and obtaining the desired items.

MOD APK version of Road Raid

MOD feature

Unlocked All

Download Road Raid MOD APK for Android

If you want to enjoy the strange version of zombies and are looking for a brainstorming game that unleashes all your wits, play Road Raid right away. I guarantee you will not regret a second.

Download this Sokoban game to play right now.

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