Robot Warfare v0.4.1 MOD+OBB APK (Unlimited Ammo)

Join the game Robot Warfare MOD APK (Unlimited Ammo, No Reload), you become a part of the war to protect human civilization.

Introduce about Robot Warfare


Robot Warfare is set in the future, about the fight against destructive robots. People are gradually entering the peak of technology. They replace everything with robots and artificial intelligence. But unexpectedly, things gradually lose control and that artificial intelligence is against them.

Robots are rebelling everywhere. They destroy everything in sight. As a commander of a fleet, you need to stop the bad going on before civilization collapses.


Robot Warfare has only one game mode, which is 6v6 Battle. You will join with other online players against destructive robots on a battlefield. Victory or defeat is determined when either side’s forces are gone.

You have two options of viewing angle to control, first or third. With the third perspective, you can cover a wider area. However, with the first perspective, you can focus more on destroying an enemy.

No matter the viewing angle, virtual keys control still fixed display. On the left is the navigation D-pad, on the right are the function buttons includes fire, zoom, target lock, jump and some defense skills. You will have to combine them with teammates and elements on the map to build your strategy.

Robot collection

There are 10 types of robots in stock and more than 15 types of special robots sold in the store. You can pay gold to buy and bring them to the battlefield.

Generally speaking, these robots are more powerful than the default robots provided by the system. Each of them has special abilities, along with superior base stats in HP, speed, and flight distance.

For example, Spirit has the ability to accelerate by 100% for 10 seconds. Tiger and Echo rushed faster and farther. The special robots in the store have more abilities and are equipped with energy shields. For example, Yamabushi can dash fast, charge more, while being invisible when not fired. Payback can speed up for 10 seconds, change weapon sets for combat, and activate all weapons in a set amount of time.

As you can see, powerful robot warriors, more likely to contribute to the ultimate victory for you and your team. So, save money to buy them.


Robots are not only different in ability and appearance, they also differ in both structure and layout of weapons on the body.

These two factors will gradually change through the upgrade process. You can upgrade overall to increase stats, or upgrade weapon systems to improve combat ability.

Weapons come in a variety of types, some of which shoot conventional ammo like Dragonfly, Hummer and Wasp. Others shoot boss ammo and rockets such as Botfly, Ghost, Hound and Tourch. They are, of course, activated and have a similar mechanism of use. But the damage, reload time and aiming distance different in both basic and upgraded.


The robot’s equipment has only one type, which is the weapon, that I have introduced above. Each robot can be assembled with two (conventional robot), three or four guns. But besides that, players can add more weapons when buying Drone Weapon. However, you will have to pay premium currency to get them.


Pilots are people who operate robots. By default, you have a pilot, and this means you have a robot in the fight. Once that robot is defeated, you can only watch the other team robots fight or exit the battle. But if you have more pilots, you get more chances to fight as he brings another robot from your warehouse to the battlefield.

At maximum, you can have up to 10 pilots. However, you will have to pay quite a lot of gold.


Robot Warfare owns a realistic 3D graphics, with the future technology context. Huge robots, vast battlefields filled with fire and smoke. You will be immersed in that scene and the fierce battle. The developer has handled the physical movements and collisions in detail, to bring a sense of realism during the experience.

MOD APK version of Robot Warfare

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Ammo
  • No Reload

Download Robot Warfare MOD APK for Android

Robot Warfare is an exciting online shooting action game that you can find for your Android phone. The context and content are not new but can keep you entertained for hours. Please download it on our website and join the battlefield of robots.

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