Rusty Lake Hotel v3.1.3 APK MOD (Full Game)

Rusty Lake Hotel APKis a puzzle game with horror elements. This is an extremely interesting puzzle game, but it is a bit difficult to reach players, so it does not receive high appreciation from the gaming community. To learn more about this game, please read the article below.

Introduce about Rusty Lake Hotel

Rusty Lake is known as Cube Escape, which is a multi-part puzzle game. All games are part of a Rusty Lake universe consisting of 15 games that have been released on PC and mobile platforms. The plot of each part is very fragmentary and very vague. Therefore, this is confusing for players who love puzzles. Usually, Escape Room games have a related storyline, the deeper into the final stages, the player will be able to know the story that the publisher wants to convey.

However, if you’ve played a part or two in the Rusty Lake series, you’ll see a hidden connection behind each game. To know the plot of the game, you have to chain events together. And that could be a terrifyingly dark secret behind the bizarre stories happening in Rusty Lake. Until now, the developer is still producing sequels to the game to complete its inherent storyline.

The story

The game does not have a clear introduction or plot. Rusty Lake Hotel is the continuation of the story of Rusty Lake Paradise. Set in Rusty Lake, where strange and dark stories will take place. Although it is a fairly large piece of land and has many architectures such as chapels, cabins, caves, windmills… but at the moment, the developer only reveals that there are 2 families living in here, Eilander and Vanderboom. They hold in their hands the recipe of Elixir of Life and Death (elixir of life), which can give you the state of Enlighten (eternal life). But if you are unlucky, it can take your life.

Returning to the story of Rusty Lake Hotel, Jakob Eilander succeeds in transforming himself and his family into a state of immortality with a completely new appearance. Jakob took the name Mr. Owl and built a hotel and invited 5 members of the family, Mr. Deer, Mr. Rabbit, Mrs. Pigeon, Mr. Boar and Mrs. Phesant. What is the purpose of Mr. Owl when inviting relatives to the hotel? What does it have to do with the Paradise part? All questions will be answered when you complete this game.


Rusty Lake Hotel has a simple gameplay. You can interact with objects, collect and use them appropriately to solve puzzles, which can be called Point & Click for short. However, the puzzles of the game are not as simple as its gameplay, which is also the attraction of this game. Challenging and difficult puzzles will keep you thinking for hours, each puzzle will reveal the mystery behind the bizarre happenings. The difficulty level of each puzzle is different, the more pieces you find, the higher your score.

The duration of each segment is quite short, simply in one room. But each segment is a continuation of the story that happened before and sets its own hypothesis for the plot of the game. Because the game has no hints or leads the player, but you have to see that invisible connection and gradually you will understand the whole story.

Rusty Lake Hotel’s staffs

As you know, Mr. Owl is the man who built the Rusty Lake Hotel and the hotel’s staff including the receptionist Mr. Crown, elevator staff Mr. Bat, chef Mr. Toad and Harvey.

About Mr. Crown, at the end of Rusty Lake Roots, Aldous Vanderboom has succeeded in reaching the state of immortality. However, he did say: “I have to leave now, Mr. Owl needs me”. It is hypothesized that Mr. Owl had been in contact with Aldous before and shared the recipe for immortality with his friends and invited them to work on his own cause.


The game possesses quite simple graphics but very attractive. Although it does not have beautiful graphics like AAA blockbuster games or horror games like Outlast, Home Sweet Home, Rusty Lake still has its own features. The strokes of the game show the fear as there is something mysterious behind waiting for you to discover.

Download Rusty Lake Hotel APK free for Android

Rusty Lake is a very engaging game with a compelling storyline and tough puzzles. Although not invested much in graphics and sound, the feeling that the game gives you is “unique”. And Rusty Lake Hotel is just a small part of the mysterious story that takes place at Rusty Lake. In addition, the developer is still working on finishing the big story.

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