Samorost 2 APK + OBB 2.35.12 for Android (Full version)

The Android version of Samorost 2 has officially been released on Google Play. The game costs $ 2.99, however you can download the APK file for free via the links below this article. Before that, let’s find out some information about the game with me.

Introduce about Samorost 2

The first part of the Samorost series first appeared in 2003, on the official website of Amanita Design. Two years later, part 2 of the game was released with the content following the previous game. But it was not until this year that they decided to develop an Android version of Samorost 2. After many years of waiting, now, you will join with Gnome on a journey to explore the planets to rescue his dog, who is his only friend.

Content of Samorost 2

Gnome is a gentle and brave guy. He lives with his dog in a large field. One day, two aliens burst into the field, they wanted to steal berries. Gnome’s dog tries to stop them, and as a result, they are taken away on the spaceship. Gnome immediately chased to rescue his pet dog. He accidentally got caught up in a thrilling adventure in space. Infiltrate an alien spaceship, explore novel planets, and many other interesting things are waiting for him. Can you help Gnome find his pet dog and help them return home safely?

Adventure through planets to rescue the dog

Samorost 2 retains the same touch and pointing gameplay as part 1. The game does not have any instructions or text at all. You need to learn by yourself and learn to pass the puzzles of the game, based on the objects available on the screen. The puzzles often have only one correct answer, you need to follow the correct order to complete the puzzle.

Like any other player, I also tried to touch everything when I first played this game. Find something you can interact with, then see what it can do to help you solve the problem. For example, in the first scene, Gnome is tied up by a tree after first setting foot on an alien planet. I tried leaving a rodent on a tree trunk (I don’t know what it is), as a result, the tree released the Gnome. He can safely go to the next puzzle.

After passing all the puzzles of Samorost 2, you will understand the content that this game wants to convey. No text or narrative is needed, each person will perceive the plot of this game in a different way. That is why the game has captured a lot of the hearts of players, thereby becoming one of the most successful puzzle games in the past 20 years.

Samorost 2 has been improved over the original version

In the developer description, they said that the Android version of Samorost 2 has been greatly improved over the original version. Especially in the graphics, the entire image of the game is more elaborate, sharper, more suitable for the screen of mobile devices. Besides, the game also supports full-screen mode, giving you a full visual experience. If you want to see better, use the zoom feature by touching and dragging two fingers across the screen.

The game adds an achievement system, where important milestones of the player are saved. You also have the opportunity to receive many interesting items and gifts.

Graphics and music

As I said above, Samorost 2’s graphics retain the same style as the original game. Simple 2D graphics with a slightly bleak background of barren lands on planets that humanity has not yet explored. The main character Gnome has a cute appearance in white pyjamas.

On a journey through space and time, you will accompany Gnome on the soothing music of musician Floex. 12 tracks played according to the content of the game bring you more emotion in this story. If you have loved Samorost 2, you will listen to the songs that stick with you in this puzzle game series.

Download Samorost 2 APK free for Android

On a dangerous journey, Gnome is in desperate need of your help. There are many mysteries and messages that the game wants to convey to the player. If you are curious about the end of the story, immediately download the APK and OBB files of this game via the links below.

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