Samurai 3 MOD APK (God mode, onehit) 1.0.92 for Android

Samurai 3 MOD APK is a fighting role-playing game in which you become a Samurai, a heroic warrior, on his way to destroy the hostile enemy to avenge his whole village. On that road, many secrets unknowingly opened up.

Introduce about Samurai 3

The path of a true Samurai is never easy!


Samurai is the symbol of Japan. They are legendary swordsmen, an integral part of making Japan with its history today. They can take on many roles but most importantly, they are royal warriors and classier than ordinary citizens and soldiers. They are subordinates of the lords. The Samurai adheres to a moral value known as the samurai thought (Bushido).

The history of the Samurai is extremely complicated. In short, they are full-fledged and high-class martial arts warriors.

In Samurai 3, we will follow a samurai, Oishi. One day he came back home and found that his teammates, family, and the whole village had been burned down. He suffered, but quickly discovered the clues of the enemy, who were other Samurais but had betrayed homeland and followed another lord. He is determined to find out the truth of the villain behind all the plots. He was neatly dressed, weapon in hand, going straight to each enemy territory to kill them one by one. On his way to revenge, many secrets were revealed, in a way that shocked the brain.


Samurai 3 takes advantage of the perspective and rotation angle quite effectively. The fights also took place in many poetic contexts such as under the cherry blossom or in the forest with a faint moonlight. Besides, the music is also very melodious that makes the scene very poetic.

The game opens with the story of Oishi’s hatred, then shows a large map with real scenes from Samurai history: Ako Domain, Shoko Island… You can choose to go to any area. Whatever you want, as long as the map is completely deconstructed in the end and you’ve unearthed the shocking secrets.

The skills in Samurai 3 are designed according to the standard Samurai that we have heard about in history. The character moves confidently, quickly, decisively, and does not falter before any enemy.

Oishi in the game follows the rigid rules and principles of the samurai spirit. He uses the skills one by one instead of using two or three skills at the same time. He never sneaks attacks and always attacked directly. Hiding is not work in this game.

Attractive upgrade of the Samurai

Through each scene, when you have defeated a group of corrupt Samurai, Oishi will gradually be upgraded. Just like in reality, Samurai depending on the rank will receive commensurate “rewards”, from equipment, weapons to class. The game is a little different, what Oishi needs is just something to help him fight better and better, he doesn’t care about these powerful things.

Specifically, Oishi will in turn have the typical Samurai weapons including the legendary Katana, or Tanaka, along with a shorter sword called Wakizashi to form the Daisho sword set. There are Up to 6 flexible skills that help the character to make decisive blows such as Raising win, Thunder cutting, Dancing Sword, Half Moon, Peta falling, Fire Tower…

Along the way, Oishi also collects loot as direct equipment or saves it to accumulate points to exchange for necessary items for the battle, including:

  • Yoroi: heavily equipped armor with helmet and shoulder protector.
  • Do-Maru: equips for infantrymen, lighter in weight.
  • Kabuto helmet made of metal with a pyramid on the top that both protects and symbolizes the clan.
  • Okegawa-do armor that is resistant to guns and artillery.

With so much flexibility in the hand, Oishi promises to bring fierce battles with the henchmen and even destroy the cruelest lords in each territory.

The graphics and sound are amazing

The way to the justice of a true Samurai has never been easy. Not only crush the enemy, defeat all obstacles on the way, you also have to dialogue with many different clues to find the mastermind and the truth. Between levels in the game are always beautiful anime-style narrations. I’m even more impatient for these scenes than some of the fight scenes. Many hints, the picture is as beautiful as a colorful manga, and the character speaks magnanimously.

The game has impressive graphics. The most interesting are the scenes using Katana to cut the evil person in half, but it didn’t fall immediately but paused for a few seconds and then collapsed, this is an extremely true simulation of the Samurai movies I’ve seen. The killing scenes are quite bloody, so adults need to consider before letting children play this game.

MOD APK version of Samurai 3

MOD feature

  • One Hit

Download Samurai 3 MOD APK for Android

Well, I’m addicted to this game. If you want to be “addicted” with me, immediately download Samurai 3 via the link below.

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