School Girls Simulator MOD APK v1.0 (Unlimited Money, Health, Menu)

Return to high school with School Girls Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Unlocked). Buy the skins you want with the available money of the MOD version.

Introduce about School Girls Simulator


School Girls Simulator is a simulation game about school life, but with a new perspective and somewhat more disruptive than real life.

You will play the role of a high school girl, attending an unfamiliar school in Japan. Every day, you not only prepare books, choose clothes to go to school, you also have to fight off zombies to protect your friends.

However, if you just want the life of a normal student and do not want the chaos created by the zombie hordes, you can turn this factor off via the switch in the main interface. Your school time is violent or not, depend on the Kick feature. If you turn on “Kick”, you can attack anyone, if they make you feel dissatisfied.

But you should do it in a quiet place, to make sure people don’t know you’re breaking the rule. Because if you get accused, you will be punished by the guardians or another group of thugs. That makes you lose and have to play again.

In addition, you can also communicate and interact with people around you. Some guys who are attracted to your cute looks will try to get your attention. At that time, you can refuse to talk, or flirt with them to get into a romantic relationship.


School Girls Simulator has detailed control. You touch the Joystick on the left side of the screen for the character to move, touch the right side of the screen to change the viewpoint.

In the right corner of the screen are action keys. X is attacking, R for flying, L for item info or someone else’s info, and A for action that varies according to the situation. The comments for each key will be displayed at initial intervals. The system also gives suggestions when you interact with someone.


If you’ve gotten too bored with classroom lessons and boring conversations, you may feel happier and a bit busier with the mission system.

Quests give you more interesting jobs, while it offers bonuses for you to shop for other items. They are quite simple to do, for example, find a seat in the lecture hall and sit down in your right place, kiss someone, buy sweets, help your friends take off her enemy or kill 100 zombies.

Of course, the mission does not require you to complete. It’s added to give you more options, to help change your experience.

Customize your character

At the main interface, you can customize your character. The parts that can be changed include outfit, hairstyle, hair color, eye color, ears and height. Besides that, there are costumes such as glasses, hats and socks.

All these parts and accessories are available. However, the game only has a few items for each category. If you want more, you can choose from the store on the right side of the screen, then watch an ad to receive it for free.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to play like a schoolgirl, you can switch your gender to male for a masculine look.


Zombie is one of the factors that makes School Girls Simulator more dramatic and interesting. They will harm other classmates, and you need to hunt them down.

To be able to fight zombies, you need to prepare weapons. As soon as you arrive at school, a number of weapons will appear in the tree in front of you including knives, AXE axes, and magic sticks. The magic sticks have slightly more power, being able to spit fire and causing the enemy to lose more health. This will be shown more clearly when you are fighting a group of zombies or a group of people.

However, there are also some difficulties here. Zombies are not in their actual form like you seen on TV. They will transform into other normal students and walk around in school. You can know who is a zombie if they have an exclamation mark on their heads, but others don’t. Therefore, you need to take that zombie to an isolated area to kill her.

MOD APK version of School Girls Simulator

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked All Skins

Download School Girls Simulator MOD APK for Android

School Girls Simulator is a fun simulation game that allows everyone to relive high school time with fun friends. However, this game has a lot more fun than that, as you can rebel, fight and protect the school from zombies.

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