Seashine v1.1.9 MOD APK (Unlimited Stars)

Hello guys. Review too much with you about the game in the sky and the land. Today, I introduce a new game in the bottom of the sea to refresh the list of attractive games, as well as change the atmosphere for our website. It is Seashine (MOD Unlimited Stars). Undersea games have been around for a while, and the games are so boring and nothing new. And the game today will change that. Reminds me of Hungry Shark but obviously much more terrifying.

Deep in the sea, there are countless creatures that we have never known before. In that dark place, creatures must also survival as on land. Based on a creature capable of glowing deep underwater, Pated has developed and released Seashine, a mysterious title game that I’m sure will be a haunt for any player from the first play.

Become a special jellyfish

In the game Seashine, you will be transformed into a special glowing jellyfish, born from the deep sea. Glowing jellyfish exists and grows by absorbing light around it and eating other glowing fish, its life is extremely short, just not having enough light to absorb, it will die. It felt boring to be alone in the dark, so the jellyfish decided to go for new light sources in the waters it had never been through.

In the midst of the deepest of the sea, a beautiful world, but hidden in so many dangers. Other carnivorous fish are constantly attacking you at any moment, they appear and disappear unexpectedly. Besides, the big rocks suddenly fall, the coral is also trying to eat you.

When light becomes the only source of life, try to go far and absorb all the small light sources. Eat smaller fish and larger fish that glow themselves. Crystals that reflect light can also help you recover and sustain life. Besides, try to collect glowing stars for the chance to live and go as far as possible.

Control manipulation in Seashine is quite simple, you just swipe the screen in the direction of wanting to move, and our little jellyfish will swim in that direction. Avoid the predatory fish and the rocks.

Good features

One thing that makes Seashine game more attractive is that the challenges in each time are different, you will never face a challenge twice. Besides that, the graphics super nice and mysterious, giving players the feeling of nervousness, fear, and curiosity with what will happen next. Pated was also very cunning when it came to the background sound, in the context of the game.

A game worth playing

I really like this game, it is different from other market games. Simple, easy to operate and fewer ads. The game does not do any extra features, the display is also very simple. Just after 3 to 4 games, I saw the ad once, which made me very happy. Everything about this game is wonderful, relaxing, and gently challenging all at once. The many map layouts are gorgeous and unique, as are the graphics, and I love that you can upgrade your jellyfish with points. Points are not difficult to earn if you’re actually playing the game, and not just whipping it out once or twice a week when you get particularly bored. So there’s not much pressure to make in-app purchases in order to simply and fully enjoy the game.

Especially the game is 100% free, also support for both iOS and Android. Underneath there are APK mods that remove ads, stars, and energy.

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